Which MBTI type am I? (Upper groups)

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a famous personality test that assumes that all people belong to one of the 16 created personality categories.
There are 4 groups in total, with 4 types belonging to each group (hence 16 types in total).
In this test you can find out which MBTI group you would belong to (analysts, diplomats, guards, researchers).

Since this test is much shorter than the original MBTI, it is perfect for those people who don't have the time or inclination to take the longer personality test.

So don't hesitate and learn more about yourself, your thoughts and your behavior in this personality test!
Important: This test is not officially developed by Myers & Briggs and is for entertainment purposes.

  • 1
    The opinion of others is very important to me.
    The opinion of others is very important to me.
  • 2
    I am an empathic person.
  • 3
    I can imagine taking a job where I have a lot to do with other people.

  • 4
    I am a flexible person.
  • 5
    I want to have absolute control over my life and be able to plan everything.
  • 6
    Staying tactful is more important than telling people the hard truth.

  • 7
    I always look for logical explanations or solutions for everything.
  • 8
    I am more interested in what could be possible than in the clear facts.
  • 9
    When I remember something, I remember the general impression more than clear facts and details.
  • 10
    I quickly form opinions about people.

  • 11
    I don't give up easily, even on difficult challenges.
  • 12
    I see the world most often...

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154 days ago
I got gaurd

Guards are very down-to-earth and cooperative personalities. They are comfortable in their skin and pride themselves on their good character and competence.

The most important thing for the Guards is stability and control in their lives. Security and order also help Guards relax. Risks and constant change are therefore the Guards' greatest enemies. After all, why change something when it's already working well? To keep things the way they always are, the guards work very hard. This in turn also earns them a good reputation among the people who know the guards. Be it the workplace, a club or another community.

Guards are also very focused and productive people. They can always motivate themselves. In their hard work, what drives them is that they don't want to let anyone down and they want to help. They expect this work ethic from other people at the same time.

This MBTI group is also the group that is the most considerate and reliable. It would never occur to them to leave a place in a complete mess and leave behind more work for other people to do. They are people who care a lot about others - in a practical sense. Guards always look out for what is going on and would not allow anything to happen to people that they could prevent. They always do this quietly and never make it obvious. This can include, for example, straightening out a cell phone when it almost falls off the edge of a table.

78% of guards say they are good at putting their ideas into action.
82% of guards say they avoid risky and unfamiliar situations
77% of guards say they don't give up quickly when faced with difficult situations

Types belonging to the guards: Logistician, defender, executive, consul
156 days ago
For 58% you are: Diplomat

Congratulations, according to your answers you belong to the Diplomats!

Diplomats are the most empathic group of all, according to the MBTI. They are really good at empathizing with others and are often described by others as warm people.

Diplomats are not just called diplomats, they are actually very good at being diplomatic and negotiating very well at key moments. In the end, they can always get out of it what they want. They are not selfish at all, but always have the common good in mind. They are also great advisors in all walks of life. Because they understand exactly what the people around them need and they will respond to that. Giving people the nudge in the right direction is diplomats' bread and butter.

Diplomats also do a lot of self-reflection and know themselves very well. They are interested in improving themselves and treating others well. Because for diplomats, change is important. Transforming the world, to a better and dearer world for all, that is their goal. Serving a higher purpose always spurs diplomats on. They want to work for the greater good.

They also strive to live up to their principles and have firmly held ideals that they wish to realize. They can then realize their many ideas and big dreams because of their principles and ideals. They also see the beauty in the little things where others only see the ordinary life.

86% of diplomats say their ideal job would be one where creativity is required
97% of diplomats say they daydream or drift off into fantasies about different ideas
76% of Diplomats say they always trust their gut (more than any other group)

Types that diplomats belong to: Advocate, mediator, protagonist, activist
18% of 51 quiz participants had this profile!

On a test I took, it said INFP, AKA mediators. I also found that I'm more of an INFP-T.