Which Classic Starlet Are YOU?

So place yourself circa 1930-1960. Movies were all about glamour and nobody knew the dirty secrets of Hollywood. The movies were unique and classic, not shallow teenage movies or rip off of each other action films. The Oscars were well deserved, and best of all, the films shook your emotions and/or mind.

Question 1:If you were famous you'd:
Entertain the president.
Endulge in my husbands.
Go insane because I'm not pretty anymore.
Gloat because I am the best actress ever.

Question 2:Your drug of choice is?
The pills that were prescribed to me.
Alcohol. Until I finally joined AA, anyway.
My makeup and expensive clothing.
Doing good for people unless they happen to be my children.

Question 3:And my haircolor closest resembles that of:
Bleach blonde, of course. Besides, men prefer blondes.
Medium blonde or brown.
dark brown.

Question 4:My personality best resembles:
A manic depressive.
An alcoholic.
The tragic drama queen.
A two-faced, abusive soul.

Question 5:I'm notorious for:
Singing 'Happy Birthday' to the president.
Having eight husbands.
Having several affairs.
Beating my children.

Question 6:I never did which of the following?
Kept my legs shut.
Said 'No.'
Stayed sane.
Had my own children by birth.

Question 7:Hollywood eventually...
...Killed me.
...Helped me meet my husband(s).
...Kept my drama up.
...Made a movie depicting me as an awful mother. Imagine that!

Question 8:If you were to be cast a certain role, you'd probably get which of these?
Dumb blonde.
Queen of the Nile, baby.
Powerful woman of the South. A very shrewd woman, at that.
A misunderstood golddigger (not as in, actually digging for gold, moron).

Question 9:I died in:
The mid sixties.
Hey, I'm still alive, bitch!
The late sixties.
The mid seventies.

Question 10:And finally, of the following movies, which is your favorite?
The Seven Year Itch
A Streetcar Named Desire

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