How Asian Are You on the Inside? Try this Quiz & See!

Asia might be thousands of miles/kilometres away from you and you might not LOOK Asian... but you can still be an honorary Asian based on your response to these questions!

Try this test now and see how Asian you are on the inside!

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    First of all...are you actually Asian?
    First of all...are you actually Asian?

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17 days ago
It said I was born in the wrong country and that I'm 100% Asian.
33 days ago
FULL ASIAN BABY (Even though I'm only 25% Pakistani)
121 days ago
I guess i fit the stereotype
132 days ago
Im only 50% from my dad (North Indian)
165 days ago
🐬 guess im fully asian
405 days ago
fun fact: stereotypes aren’t everything, anyone can act like anything, you could be asian but not use chopsticks or listen to j/k-pop and you could be white, brown, or black but still use chopsticks and eat rice 😇
443 days ago
Uhmm, i act more asian then my 100% asain grandma, also Rice all the way
461 days ago
I am from China, eat rice 3 times a day, and I only got semi-Asian
647 days ago
I'm Chinese and live in the Netherlands and got full Asian lmao.
657 days ago
I'm 1/4 Thai and I got full Asian 😀 idk what else to say just there's my result.
705 days ago
ya!ima sem-asian - and its true..
732 days ago
i got fully asian and i’m indian so that works 🤌
739 days ago
I’m Vietnamese and I got semi Asian..
751 days ago
It said i got semi asian which im not complaining even tho im korean i always talk english with everyone abd for some reasson i like toast more rgen rice i remember i was eating toast when i wws 10(maybe) someone said that i will turn white if i dont stop eating toast and i got really scared that i didnt eat toast for 3 years but now i eat toast all day
792 days ago
I got full Asian :))
818 days ago
my parent are both sea dayak i dont know if that asian or not but i got semi asian
841 days ago
My parents are Indian and I live in Ireland . And I got semi - Asian.
862 days ago
I'm like Morroco Canada and like little asian and the answer was full asian I'm proudhonien!
887 days ago
I am nowhere near Asian because I am African. But, same-same. Still got Semi-Asian though. So proud.
890 days ago
As a Blasian, I wanted to take this test-- but anyways, I got full asian. I never knew I would get that result. LMAO.