How Asian Am I Inside? The Quiz

Even if you live thousands of miles/kilometres away from the Asian continent and have a different skin color, body type and facial structure than most Asians do, you can still have things in common with these proud and admirable people. This test will show you how Asian you are *inside*!

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    First of all...are you actually Asian?
    First of all...are you actually Asian?

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15 days ago
There are places in asia where people do not use chopsticks and not everyone in asia is from china or japan or Korea so I think the questions are very stereotypical and also I eat rice but I don't like it
16 days ago
Ima be honest here... this test would be a lil more accurate if it wasnt stereotypical. The use of stuff that nonasian weebs only know and the lack of diversity besides kpop/jpop/asian pop culture bothers me a little (yes i am asian, vietnamese)
19 days ago
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37 days ago
fun fact: stereotypes aren’t everything, anyone can act like anything, you could be asian but not use chopsticks or listen to j/k-pop and you could be white, brown, or black but still use chopsticks and eat rice 😇
76 days ago
Uhmm, i act more asian then my 100% asain grandma, also Rice all the way
94 days ago
I am from China, eat rice 3 times a day, and I only got semi-Asian
127 days ago
This is literally made my an Asian hater like “anything Asian” that sounds so cringey no offence not every Asian has ramen 24/7 eats noodles has chopsticks and watches anime lmao
167 days ago
This is literally made by a weeaboo, you cannot convince me otherwise.
168 days ago
i think you meant jom-reap-sur, that's hello in khmer.
188 days ago
not every asian does what is said on the test , everyone is diffrent T_T I'm an asian but I don't really use chopsticks so whoever created this is just a asian hater prob T_T
191 days ago
Uhhhh what the heck what is this
194 days ago
most of these questions are stereotypes like not every asian gets good grades,listens to jpop/kpop, uses chopsticks,never gets in trouble, and this quiz is just dumb
197 days ago
imagine only using chopsticks for pho only what about bun or soup do you use your hand for that? just a question
230 days ago
I’m German and I got full Asian 👁👄👁
Yay... I lied on the test, this test is dumbfounded
230 days ago
I’m sorry but what is “chopreapsour?” Never in my whole life have heard that expression of hello before. I’m Asian and a Chinese. I’m not studying I know my own language. It’s nice that you’re making a quiz for people but, I don’t get why you have to love rice or use chopsticks to determine you’re Asian. I like eating rice and chopsticks but my Hispanic girl best friend likes the same thing so I guess she “1/2” Asian right? Many children in China act out too, I mean it’s important to be top and having great grades but some and many misbehave and don’t even care about their grades, we’re not smart because we’re Asian, we’re smart because we study and we care about our grades. Not being rude but yeah, I know I’m “Asian enough”.
241 days ago
Honestly no offense to the quiz creator but why go out of your way to prove you're "Asian?" Just embrace your own race... stuff like this is meant to influence weaboos and other extreme asiaphiles. With all due respect, just appreciate where you're from... saying you're Asian inside and all that type of stuff when you're really not is just mega cringe man...
241 days ago
The person under me is wise...
257 days ago
You smell that? I smell Anime-lovers, K-pop Stan's, and Asiaboo's, trying their absolute best to prove that they are Asian. ( aside from the ones that are actually Asian)
258 days ago
Well...My fam is from kazakhstan and this test can't tell u if u asian or not, not every asian use chopsticks and not every asian look 'asian' ...yea like me, I just got some epicanthic folds 👁👄👁👌
And it's kinda weird if people do tests like this just to tell people that they are asian.
270 days ago
I'm 100% pinay and I got semi asian