How Asian Are You on the Inside? Try this Quiz & See!

Asia might be thousands of miles/kilometres away from you and you might not LOOK Asian... but you can still be an honorary Asian based on your response to these questions!

Try this test now and see how Asian you are on the inside!

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    First of all...are you actually Asian?
    First of all...are you actually Asian?

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945 days ago
As a Blasian, I wanted to take this test-- but anyways, I got full asian. I never knew I would get that result. LMAO.
988 days ago
i'm actually Korean so i didn't bother doing this test but since i live in an Arabic country they thought i was suspicious for some reason that i don't know so they got me to do this test and i showed them that i'm fully Asian so now when they see me they don't say a word about me not being Asian
1005 days ago
Yayyyy I got full Asian!
1118 days ago
I got full Asian and I don’t have any decent what’s so ever aha. I have a semi accent and I eat lots of Asian foods. Every says I look Asian but idk. Maybe I was adopted 👀😮
1162 days ago
Ai ya I got semi asian lah
1186 days ago
I love this quiz. Is very nice even since i got full Asian inside of me.
1209 days ago
I'm a semi-Asian
1210 days ago
Full Asian!
1257 days ago
Yay also got full asian even though im american
1729 days ago
Yay! Got full asian