Which state are you from?
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Which state are you from?

People from every state have certain characteristics that are unique to the area. Which state do you belong in?

Question 1:   How do you drive?
One hand on the wheel, the other holding a cell phone while going from the fifth lane to the first lane without looking
One hand on the wheel, the other holding a newspaper, elbow on the horn, foot on the gas, while changing lanes without the use of the turn signal
One hand on the wheel, the other out the window with the middle finger extended, while screaming profanities at the car in front of you
In a pick-up truck, with both hands on the wheel for fear of a deer running out in front of you?
One hand on the wheel, the other hanging out the window, while going 75 on cruise control

Question 2:   Which of the following would you probably say?
"Fuhgedabout it"
"Hey y'all"
"I'm fixin' to go cow-tippin' with Billy Bob."
"Let's do lunch"
"You're frickin' retarded"

Question 3:   What's your favorite food?
Pizza (and none of that Chicago deep dish crap)

Question 4:   Which of the following would you have as a bumper sticker on your car?
"Everything's Bigger in Texas"
"God Bless Dixie" written across a Confederate flag
"Horn Broken, Watch For Finger"
"Yankees Suck"
"I Ran For Governor"

Question 5:   How do you greet strangers?
Friendly "hello" and strike up a conversation. By the time you're done, you've shared your life story
Hold up your index finger, because you're talking on your cell phone; they eventually leave you alone
No one's a stranger. There's only 1000 people in your town
You don't
With wary aloofness, especially if they seem too friendly

Question 6:   Do you have an attitude?
"'Course not. Ever hear of Southern hospitality?"
"Yes, but I have an unalienable right to be as rude and inconsiderate as I want. It makes me feel better, and my therapist said it's ok."
"No way. I was raised right, with proper manners. 'Love thy neighbor' is my motto"
"Yeah. So?"
"No, and what the hell kind of a question is that?"

Question 7:   What's your favorite song?
Anything by the Beach Boys
"Dirty Water"- it means the Red Sox won
"Goodbye Earl"- you can identify with it
What's it to you?
"Achey Breaky Heart"

Question 8:   Have you ever seen a celebrity?
"I live next door to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt."
"Does the winner of the beer chugging contest count?"
"I think I saw Nomar once, but I couldn't get close enough, so I just yelled 'NOMAH!'"
"I see a few in town, but never up close"
"George Dubya, when he was still governor"

Question 9:   Which of the following do you see most often?
Movie stars. Yawn.
Construction- everywhere. There is no city that is not under construction
Cars. Bumper-to-bumper traffic is unavoidable between 4 and 6 pm.

Question 10:   Which article of clothing do you wear most often?
Bib overalls
Ten gallon hat and jeans
Designer sunglasses and spray-on tan
Anything black. You always have at least one article of black clothing
Winter coat- fleece lined and filled with down feathers

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