Where SHOULD you live?
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Where SHOULD you live?

Are you bored with where you live? Is it too mundane? Do you want to live somewhere with a little different culture? Take this test to find out where you SHOULD live in the world.

Question 1:Which of these hobbies would you prefer to have?
Surfing/ swimming
Exploring old castles and solving their mysteries
Skiing/ snowboarding
Shopping and catching up on all the latest trends
Exploring exotic rainforests and hanging out on the beach

Question 2:How do you like the weather?
Nice hot summers, cold winters, chilly springs and autumns
Hot and humid all year long!
I like it temperate. Not too hot, not too cold
Nice, dry, refreshing HEAT!!
I love the cold!! It's ok if it's a comfortable temperature in the summer, I guess...

Question 3:What's your favorite food out of these?
Pie or pudding

Question 4:Do you speak any foreign languages?
French and German
Australian is a language all its own
Nope, not at all
Only French
Spanish and French

Question 5:Are you an adventurous kind of person?
Yeah, I can be, but everyone likes to slow down once in a while and "smell the roses"
Ohh yeah!! And really energetic, too!!!!!
Not at all!!!
Not really, only once in a while
DEFINATELY, watch me hang 10!

Question 6:Choose a letter

Question 7:Once you live in your "dream country" what do you do?
Just...hang out and relax
Meet the locals, learn the "talk" and their customs
Learn the language, find out about the culture in your small town.
Travel around the country and learn more about its unique history
Go shopping in all the little boutiques.

Question 8:Which of these would you most likely say?
You stupid git!!
Want some steak on the barbie?
Ou est le centre commercial?
J'aime faire les...ski.... I dunno...
Hola, amigos!

Question 9:Are you a sociable person?
To an extent, around people I know well.
REALLY sociable, I'm everybody's friend!
Not at all!
I'll strike up a conversation if the mood hits me, yeah
A little bit

Question 10:Friendship is important to you.
It's the most important thing in my life
Yes, of course it is
No, not really
Sure, my friends are cool!
Friends are good, but not a necessity

Question 11:What's your favorite color?
Red or orange
yellow or other light colors
Blue or green
White, gray, tan, or brown
Pink or purple

Question 12:Do you like to read?
I really really love books!!! I love to read!!!
Yeah, reading's good.
It's ok
Not really, only magazines, maybe a newspaper here or there...
No, I hate reading.

Question 13:Once IN your dream country, do you still wish to travel the world?
Sure, traveling is great
I STILL love to travel, it's my favorite hobby!!!!
It's paradise here, this is all I need.
Once in a while...
No, I'm comfortable in my little town

Question 14:What's your favorite animal out of these?
Dogs or cats
Dolphins or whales

Question 15:This test was...
Bien, bien
Great, mate!
Jolly good
Er... I dunno

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