Which vehicle is best for you?

Out of a Ford SVT F-150 Lightning, a Hummer H2, a Ford SVT Mustang Cobra Coupe, and a Ferrari 360 spider, which is the best for you?

Question 1:   When going down the highway, what is your ideal speed?
60-100 MPH
120+ MPH
Speed Limit

Question 2:   How many seats would you like in your vehicle?

Question 3:   How much money are you willing to spend on your vehicle?
In the $50,000's
Low to mid $30,000's

Question 4:   What do you care the most about your vehicle?
High Performance/ Horsepower
How rare it is

Question 5:   What kind of sound would you like your vehicle to produce?
"Not to loud, But not to soft"rumble
Loud "Muscle car" rumble
Quiet, does the sound even matter?
Small rumble

Question 6:   What vehicle set up do you like the most?
Everyday driver
Show car
Off-Roading Vehicle
Once a month driver

Question 7:   What is your favorite color on a vehicle?
Mystic (color changing paint)

Question 8:   If you were stopped at a red light waiting for the light to change, what would you do?
Look at the people who notice your tricked out or exotic ride
Rev your engine trying to entertain other people
When it turns green, produce a supercharged burnout!
Sit there and calmly wait until the light turns green

Question 9:   What do you plan to do with your vehicle?
1/4 mile racing
Drive offroad where normal cars can't go
Fully transform it into a race car and run it at your local racetrack
Street racing

Question 10:   If you were at one of the hottest spots in your town or city with your friends, what would you like to have on your vehicle?
Huge Chrome Spinner Rims
Super charger/Turbo charger
Side Exhaust system

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