Which Car Best Fits You?🚗

How to choose a car? If you're shopping for new (or just new-to-you) wheels, but have no idea what you should get, try this 'What kind of car should I get?' quiz!
It will help you narrow the choice down, that's for sure. So, what type are you? Practical? Racing enthusiast? Or do you value luxury above all? Answer truthfully, and we will find the right car for your lifestyle!

Take this 'perfect car for me' quiz now.

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    Car match: Which of these is most important to you when it comes to your vehicle?

Comments (32)


1022 days ago
Thank you I picked car for my girl friend
1042 days ago
I got family sedan
1126 days ago
Nice an F80 M3 now if i could only buy it
1161 days ago
I got a cope/convertible(blue))convertible
1215 days ago
1302 days ago
I got SUV best car ever, son.
1383 days ago
It picked the car I said I liked. Shocking.
1417 days ago
A coupe/convertible, yeah somewhat accurate
1573 days ago
it said that I am best suited to an SUV I mean like what I like Cadillac convertibles
1646 days ago
I love cars so give a good one.
1702 days ago
My best match was 33% to a family sedan which I have no idea how I even have more than 5% match to some Chevy Aveo.
2532 days ago
Very helpful, very well laid out and easy to understand and follow. Thanks for sharing.