What Linux OS Distro Is For You?

Are you ready for Linux? If so, what distro would be most suit for you?

Question 1:What would you prefer to see when you start the computer?
An animated interface that just tells you stuff is loading.
A list of things on what is loading.
Lot's of indicators that stuff are working.
A long list of OK's and output on what is loading.

Question 2:What kind of button do you enjoy the most?
A weird 3D button that isn't very polished.
A plain dark button that doesn't shine.
A flat silvery button with bold text.
ASCII buttons!

Question 3:How should installing things go?
Insert a CD, click on some buttons, restart your computer.
A very simple command line in a terminal + immediate usage.
Unzip a file and create a shortcut.
Run some weird commands and watch them compile sourcecode specialized just for you.

Question 4:Your system has and error, how would you like it to go about.
Restart the system, all the sudden everything goes away randomly.
Errors should be non-existent.
Errors should make sense, and they shouldn't come unless I did something wrong.
Ignore the errors, nothing wrong.

Question 5:What kind of interface do you prefer?
A fat bluish interface with a lot of shadows and fading.
Everything clean and simple.
Cool non-distracting polished flat stuff and shine.
ASCII rules!

Question 6:How would you wish to access your hard drives?
A: C: D:
Partition Numbers (HD1-0>)
Friendly Names
Some system in which hd partitions are emulated as folders and you can write in any path.

Question 7:What type of software do you enjoy?
Anything that is free.
Expensive software that are filled with cool graphics.
Software with cool words ("Dude, ASCII mode sucks!")
Simple command line tools that can do a lot of work.

Question 8:What is your favorite device?
The Keyboard
The Mouse
Hard Drives

Question 9:What is the most important thing when it comes to computers?

Question 10:What type of computer user are you?
Internet Freak

This Quiz has been designed by Mark Lu.