What Website Should You Be On Right Now?
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What Website Should You Be On Right Now?

Why are you spending your time on allthetests.com when you could be elsewhere?

Question 1:   What do you like to write about?
You don't like to write.
Your favorite TV show/Book/Movie
Your thoughts and feelings
Your own original stories

Question 2:   You are walking down the street when you look into the window of a store and see something you just have to have. What is it.
A book on getting your stories published.
A beautiful diary.
A really nice poster for your favorite TV show/Book/Movie
A gameboy.

Question 3:   What's your favorite color combination? (choose the closest)
Bright, cheerful blue.
Red. Like blood. And white.
Purplish-blue and tan

Question 4:   What would you rather be doing right now?
Watching your favorite TV show.
Reflecting on your day.
Playing games.
Daydreaming about a great new story idea you just had.

Question 5:   Sorry, you can't do that right now. What do you do instead?
*grumble grumble*
Wondering what other people think of you and your life.
Reading a new book.
Daydream about your two favorite characters in fandom getting together.

Question 6:   Where are you politically?
Politics . . . .Hmmm . . . Socially liberal, and (enter your political affiliation hear) on political issues.
I'm a (enter political affiliation here) but I like to look at each situation . . . maybe I'm not really sure.
Politics? Who cares. Bah.
I know exactly where I stand politically.

Question 7:   You see a movie. What do you think when it's over?
"When will the video game come out?"
"Good, but it would have been better if Character X had gotten together with Character Y and Character Z was gay . . ."
"Nice story line. Very twisty."
"Hmm . . . I wonder which character I'm most like?"

Question 8:   What do you do after you see the movie?
Play with your gameboy.
Tell everyone about the movie.
Sigh and wish you could get people to read YOUR screenplay.
Write fanfiction about your two favorite characters falling in love. It didn't happen in the movie, but darn it, it should have!

Question 9:   You're famous! What are you famous for?
Killing the guy who works at the arcade because he took away your favorite arcade game.
Working your way up through the ranks to become director/screenwriter/whatever in your favorite TV show.
Publishing a bestselling book.
Publishing your diary for others to read about your struggle with depression and/or drug abuse.

Question 10:   You can spend an hour with anyone. Who do you choose?
Anne Frank.
The author of your favorite book. Maybe he/she can give you some writing tips!
The actors/actresses from your favorite movie or TV show.
Someone who works at a top video game placeamagigger . . .

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