What Type of Hatebooker are you?

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So somehow in the midst of cyberspace, you made your way to the bloodhound gang's message board known as the Hatebook. After a simple post dealing with a question about a show, you return five minutes later to the board to find your post replied to by 600 people telling you that you're an inane retard for not looking it up yourself, buried in 5 pages of threads that are all variations of the words "poo" "wee" "anus" “foreskin” and "Jesus." After a few visits, you're hooked.

Now here's your chance to find out if you're really as cool as you think. Have you really elevated your status as a hatebook member and as a person or are you still the same food-stamp using, parents-home living, nut brain downloading Connie Chung cabaret videos. Please answer these questions in the best, most truthful way you can, or Evil Jared will come raid your liquor cabinet right before you sister's bachelorette party. Trust me, I'm down with the band.

P.S. The link for the Connie Chung video is:
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=vLY3dz97jyM

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    So what do you honestly think of the Bloodhound Gang?
    So what do you honestly think of the Bloodhound Gang?

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