Which kitchen utensil are you?
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Which kitchen utensil are you?

Self-explaining ...find out what kitchen utensil you are.

Question 1:How smart are you?
Very VERY sharp.
Pretty sharp.
Not very sharp.
DEFINATELY not the brightest crayon in the box.

Question 2:You've been waiting in the McDonalds line for 30 minutes. When it's about to be your turn to order, a tubby old lady cuts in front of you. what do you do?
Tell the fat bitch to move and threaten her with a knife.
Ask nicely for your place in line and tell her how long you've been waiting.
Just let her go...you don't want to start trouble.
Tell her to move...or else.
Curse her out, kick her in the boobs, pour your beer on her, and set her on fire.

Question 3:You see a man/woman walking down the street who is checking you out. What do you do?
Go talk to him/her, hoping to get a phone number and possibly a date.
Curse him/her out, kick him in the stomach, pour your beer on him, and set him on fire.
Just keep walking, not caring at all.
Give them the death stare.
Smile and wave, but don't stop to talk because you're too shy.

Question 4:You're eating lunch in the park, and a cute little puppy comes up to you. What do you do?
Pet it, but don't give it any food. It's YOUR food.
Give him a small piece of ham, then just ignore it from then on, hoping it'll go away. You're scared of dogs.
Give him food, and play with him too. He's cute!
Throw a mushroom into a bush for him to chase, and then move to a different spot. You don't want that thing hanging around.

Question 5:Pick a number. Any number.

Question 6:You're all alone in a dark alley on a stormy night. What do you do?
Walk along, clutching your gun in your hand.
Walk fast and pray you don't get raped.
Just walk along the alley.
Get so scared that you faint.
If anything moves, you curse at it, kick it, pour your beer on it, and set it on fire.

Question 7:A man runs up to you and steals your purse (or your WALLET, for the guys out there :P) What do you do?
Stand up and scream for help
Try to catch him, and yell for help along the way, hoping to beat him down when he's caught.
Sit helplessly, crying.
Shoot him. But since you're such a bad shot, ask for help.
Catch him, curse him out, kick him in the balls, pour your beer on him, and set him on fire.

Question 8:What's your favorite food?
No favorites. If there's food, I eat it. Simple as that.
Tender chicken
A big tough steak

Question 9:Metal.
KoRn, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Kiss, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Black Sabbath, etc.

Question 10:What's your favorite movie?
The Exorcist
I don't watch movies.
Barber Shop
Legally Blonde
Rush Hour

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