What dinner table item are you?
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What dinner table item are you?

If you were to be chosen to be a dinner table item, what would you be? Would you be a salt or pepper container? Fork? Spoon? Chopstick?

Question 1:   Alright, to start us off, what kind of food do you most like?
Spaghetti and pasta
French Fies.
Chinese/ Japanese food
Fast food stuff

Question 2:   What kinds of clothes do you wear?
I dunno.
Are you making fun of the way I dress?
Blue jeans... A shirt... Underwear... Socks... Shoes...
Punk stuff.
Whatever I find lying around on my floor. Whatever I throw together usually looks good.

Question 3:   What kind of music do you like?
Great! Now she making fun of my music!

Question 4:   AHHH! The evil tree- bunnies are attacking!
No, they're not evil, they are my friends.
I'll beat them down!:: shakes fist::
What the heck?
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!:: runs away cring::

Question 5:   Cut The Skin To The Bone, Fall Asleep All Alone, Hear Your Voice In The Dark...
What the heck?
:: still crying::
That's what my pet Lobster was singing yesterday...
You're scaring me! Mommy!

Question 6:   What is your opinion on Spongebob Squarepants?
I MARRIED HIM I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! My room is yellow and porous...
He scares me.
Eh... Whatever.
Yea! He's funny.
:: too busy sobbing...::

Question 7:   Are you a vegetarian?
Nope. Meat is a main part of my diet.
Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Are you suggesting that I'm fat?

Question 8:   ABC...
Its easy as 123!
Now are you saying I don't know my ALPHABET!

Question 9:   Love...
is passion.
what is this human "love" that you speak of?
sucks big time.

Question 10:   What have you always wanted to do?
Become a rock star.
Spork someone to death!
Be a star!
Be normal.
uh... live a long happy life?

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