Are You Ready for a Smartphone?

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This quiz will determine whether you truly deserve a smartphone. Make certain you give accurate answers to get accurate results!

  • 1
    What would you primarily use your phone for?
  • 2
    Do you have a habit of misplacing important assignments and electronics?
  • 3
    Do you do well in school?

  • 4
    Scenario: You are walking to school early, and you see a scary figure yelling at a 2nd grader. What do you do?
  • 5
    Scenario: In math class, you see your classmates pull out their phones. What do you do?
  • 6
    Scenario: You walk into a tech store and find some cases. Which do you buy?

  • 7
    Scenario: You walk into the living room and knock over an expensive vase. What do you do?
  • 8
    How badly do you want a phone?
  • 9
    When you ask your parent/guardian for a phone, what do you do?
  • 10
    Scenario: You lose your phone at school. What do you tell your parents/guardian?

  • 11
    Scenario: You see a fellow student making fun of another student. What do you do?
  • 12
    Scenario: You see a phone on the ground at school. What do you do?
  • 13
    What would you do if your parents/guardian didn't want you to have a phone?
  • 14
    Which of these phone colors do you like the most? (Not worth points)
  • 15
    Scenario: You get a phone for your birthday, but your parents/guardian expect you to help pay for the monthly bill. What is your reaction?

Comments (54)


820 days ago
Sorry if there was spelling mistakes i was writing too fast and my name is naya not nayq sorry for the spelling mistakes :)
820 days ago
I am ten and I have a phone how and why ? Well I didn't beg for phone I just waited till my birthday and I got a phone but if ur 12 or above try convincing ur parents why u need a phone how did I convince them ? Well I told them because I wanna be in the group chat of the family so I would be able to talk to them and so I can text my Friends and because when school ends for the day they get us out of the class so I told them I also need a phone because I need to call u ( my parents) and then my birthday came and they surprised me so ya try convincing them and give them reasons but do not beg for a phone hope

Hope these advise were helpful
828 days ago
@byelosers 😻 crackhead I bet u have the IQ of a tater tot. I r the rudest person
855 days ago
Wow! If you were truly honest on answering, you got a PERFECT score! You are absolutely ready for a phone! But don't be cocky on asking for one, you still need to show the good traits that you proved to have in this quiz! If you know someone who got a lower score than you, educate them more on responsibility to help them get a phone!
888 days ago
Update to the comment I made 21 days ago: He said I could get an iPhone 12 instead of the iPhone 11 :)
888 days ago
i was actually pretty impressed with my result. If I'm being totally honest, i thought i was going to get a below average score. I'm in middle school and being one of the only kids without a phone is kinda weird cause im missing out on a bunch of stuff. But, on the bright side i'm pretty excited for the upcoming school year cause my mom siad I could get one IF I seem ready, and by ready I mean responsible. So, I'm trying to up my productivity, responsibility, and trustworthiness this summer
905 days ago
My result:Wow! If you were truly honest on answering, you got a PERFECT score! You are absolutely ready for a phone! But don't be cocky on asking for one, you still need to show the good traits that you proved to have in this quiz! If you know someone who got a lower score than you, educate them more on responsibility to help them get a phone!

My dad said on my next birthday i can get a ipod touch if i show i'm responsible for it and understand how to take care of it.I'm really excited.
909 days ago
@Bye loosers first of all u spelt losers wrong and second of all if u think its ok to brag abt having a phone than im surprised ur parents even got u one. if i ever get a reddit account ur going on r/kidsarestupid.
909 days ago
Update to the comment I made 51 days ago: I guess I never needed to take this quiz 'cause recently my dad said that if I can lose 15 pounds than he will get me an iPhone 11. So if I try really hard every single day than it should take about a couple months.
925 days ago
I'm 14 and my parents have refused to get me a phone (even though they gave my younger sister a phone). I cook for my siblings, I tell them when to get to online lessons and I always look out for them. I'm a straight A+ student and my grades never drop at all. It honestly 🐤because whenever my tuition teacher fails to send me any resources, her go-to excuse is always "Well you're not on the WhatsApp group chat so I guess I forgot". I understand maybe the first three times, but after five is getting pretty annoying. I don't have as much resources as the other kids do because I'm the only one without a phone and it's honestly so difficult as I am trying to finish my IGCSEs one year early.
934 days ago
I'm 13 and my parents have said I'm responsible but I can't have a phone. I don't know why, all my friends have phones, my classmates have phones, my younger cousins have phones, and I don't. I have never had a phone and always feel left out because I have to make plans in advance. If my friends wanna play baseball after school, I have to be like, "Yeah, I gotta go home and, uh, do my homework, are you gonna play ball tomorrow?" It's really annoying.
941 days ago
i Have an iphone because im 10 and my parents are superrrr nice they are he best parents ever so haha bye loosers who don't have a phone
942 days ago
I am 11 almost 12 by the way
942 days ago
I got a perfect score and my mom told me she was going to get me one in September, but she still hasn’t gotten me one. I remind her and ask her every once in a while and she always says she’s going to get to it yet it never happens.
960 days ago
I'm 12 and I am also very responsible but for some reason I still can't have a cell phone. I don't understand why I can't have one at this age and level of responsibility. Bruh that is basically like getting charged more than the real price at a store. To add insult to injury, I've had a cell phone before and was responsible with it so he knows I am responsible. (He had to take my phone away because I had the same phone number as a lot of other people and most of them were sending innapropriate images to who they thought was there boyfriend/girlfriend) I just took the quiz and it says I am ready for a cell phone. I will show my parent(s) this quiz using the same answers and hopefully they will actually be convinced.
961 days ago
I’m eleven (almost 12) and all I have is 11 year old Mac book.
990 days ago
The reason why my mom wants me to wait a little while is because she doesnt want people to steal it in school or if i forget it somewhere she doesnt want people to steal it or for me to lose it.
990 days ago
Im turning 11 in april and My mom said I can get a phone when im 11 or 12. Right now im stuck with an Ipod Touch. But Ill patiently wait for one.
1020 days ago
oh Nvm I not 11 sorry typed it wrong I am 10 but I don”g know how my brothers will act?!
1020 days ago
Wow I got the same Anwer as Nayma got I am 11

and my mom said I can get a phone Next year on my birthday because I am gonna need it!