Which IPhone Should I Buy? Quiz

You've made your decision: To heck with Android, I wanna buy an i! This is a quiz to tell you which iPhone would be best for you. They can be quite expensive, but there's a reason these devices inspire high prices - and brand loyalty. Take the test now and see which one you should be toting around! P.S.: This quiz includes through iPhone 11 and might not be updated when the next model comes out...sorry if you're looking for up-to-the-minute info but not finding it here. Also, pricing can vary over time and from market to market. This test provides only a general pricing guide. Google for current phones/prices available to you.

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    Would you like a home button?
    Would you like a home button?

Comments (25)


14 days ago
I got Iphone 8 plus, which is the one I actually want!! :)
76 days ago
137 days ago
I got iPhone 11 but I want iPhone 8 so I'm how that is going to work out
180 days ago
I got 30% iPhone 11 and 30% iPhone 8. I want an iPhone 8 tho
208 days ago
i think this is revolved around apple. I said i would like an android phone, based my selection around android features, and still got Iphone 8+ - its just a 2 sided die, Either iphone 11 or 8+
247 days ago
Yeah I got iphone 11 I was thinking of getting myself that one I guess I will!!!!šŸ˜­šŸ‘
250 days ago
I have iPhone 7 and I would like a iPhone 12 Pro
298 days ago
I got iphone 11 which is true
311 days ago
I got iPhone 11, but I actually want an iPhone 12 pro max. That is a newest version of iPhone.
322 days ago
Iphone 11 was I want one and I'm getting one so that's a plus!
382 days ago
Okay I got iPhone 8 plus, so many 11s am I alone here? I have an iPhone SE and I don't think that's an option here XD ... *gets idea* YES HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH *grabs my mom's iPhone 11* HAHHAHAHAHHAHA I MAAAAAATCCCCCHHHHHHHH
401 days ago
iPhone 11 ! OKAY!!!!!!!! YES
431 days ago
Thank you for this quiz!
431 days ago
I got an iPhone 11. Iā€™m just about to search up about it and see what it can do.
435 days ago
What in the World?! I put 200-300 and got iPhone 11. I'm not rich what?
435 days ago
What in the World?! I put 200-300 and got iPhone 11. I'm not rich what
458 days ago
šŸŒ» i choose like home button but the result is :) iphone 11
477 days ago
I got iphone 11
517 days ago
i got iphone 8plus but my mom has that phone so i dont want it. ill just feel spoild
527 days ago
I put all of them idk except playing games and 500-700 and I got an iPhone 7