What kind of lost object are you?
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What kind of lost object are you?

Do you feel like a lost soul? Find out what kind of lost object you are compared to your personality.

Question 1:How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
You wonder why you're on the couch and how you got there.
You try to remember what you dreamt about.
You look back fondly upon last night.
You try to sort out all the thoughts that come to you.

Question 2:What is the worst feeling out of the following?
Being left out
Remembering tragic events
Feeling watched
feeling cluttered

Question 3:If you were to be a singer, what would your voice sound like?
timid and calm
reckoning and raw
sensual and breathy
mysterious and raspy

Question 4:How's your family?
erratic and infrequent
distant and scattered
communicative and loving
close to your heart

Question 5:How was your childhood?
Great, I wish I was still there
I don't really want to talk about it
Good, but I prefer the stage I'm in now
I look forward to the future more often the past

Question 6:When you were a kid, you wanted to be...
a princess
a spy

Question 7:Your parents would wish that you were...
more down to earth
like your siblings or other parent's children

Question 8:How do you feel about your clique or crowd?
They're sweet, but can be snobby and selective
I don't really have one
We're an intimate bunch
We're an open crowd

Question 9:What's your style?
bright colors, cute trends and kiddie related clothing
dark colors, unique outfits and strange jewelry
quiet colors and conservative things
a nice shirt and pair of carpenter jeans

Question 10:What is the best out of the following?
Making a new friend
Finding a partner
Finding enlightenment
Winning the lottery

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