What Material Do You Think You Are?
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What Material Do You Think You Are?

Ever wonder what material (you know...glass, plastic, etc.) you are? Didn't think so. Well, now that you're curious, you might as well find out.

Question 1:It's tuesday. You have a big assignment (for work or for school) that was assigned on monday and is due on friday. You are...
Going to a movie with friends. The project can wait. There's always tomorrow...
Shopping for new materials. Everything has to be perfect about it. You'll die if it's not the best.
Just starting. You're taking it slow. You know that you're going to get it done and done well by the deadline. Why start now?
Done. Everything's done exactly as expected. No more, no less.
Calling your friends to come over and join you (they can all use your materials!). What's working without company?

Question 2:Your boyfriend/girlfriend (or dream gf/bf) can best be described as...
Gorgeous, popular, smooth talker, great dancer, and very romantic.
Funny, normal-looking, nothing special (but special to you!), and good artist
Don't have one of 'em. That's not what I need right now.
Simple, average-looking, neat/orderly, but also mysterious.
Great sense of humor, compulsive, strange (but in a sweet way), and always smiling.

Question 3:What kind of vehicle do you want?
A Mustang. Those things are HOT!
A Van. Everyone needs them.
A "Pinch Bug"/Beetle.
A pink/purple porsche convertable.
Anything that works good and isn't too expensive.

Question 4:What would you rather listen to?
Shakira, Christina, Brittney....all them!
Pink, No Doubt, Avril Lavigne

Question 5:Which hobby would you find the most interesting?
Cleaning (it helps calm you down).
Art/Music classes.
Working out/exercising/playing sports (helps you get out some aggression out of your system).
Shopping (always need new stuff!).
Anything and everything! Except maybe sewing and golf.

Question 6:What do you think about hunting animals?
You love animals. You personally couldn't kill an animal, but think it's ok for others to do it.
As long the meat is used, you're fine with it.
You hunt. There's nothing wrong with that.
It's kind of cruel.

Question 7:How many kids do you want when you get married?
I don't care. Kids are great!
As many as your spouse wants.
None. Kids cost too much.
Two...two beautiful little girls.
As many as you can afford to have.

Question 8:Which motto would you us most often?
If you want to succeed, you have to be the best.
Tomorrow is just another day to face.
Today is the day to make a difference. You go girl!
Live life on the edge. You've only got one life anyway!
Simplicity is as profound as you can get.

Question 9:How do you express sadness?
You don't. Moping would ruin your image and crying would ruin you mascara!
Crying. Crying is the best medicine.
You don't. Someone might notice and ask questions.
Writing songs about your feelings.
You can't. If you're sad, everyone else is sad too.

Question 10:What animal would you most want for a pet?
All animals!
A dog.
No pets. They're not really useful (unless it's a seeing-eye dog or something)
Any type of bird (especially a flamingo or peacock)
Anything without fur (You hate how it clings to your clothes)

Question 11:What's your favorite color?
Black, white, or red.
Blue, green, or gray.
Pink, black, or silver.
Hot pink, orange, purple, or green.
Red, gold, or amber

Question 12:You're on your first date with someone. You wear...
Something comfortable, but nice.
A sexy dress, and high heels, complete with purse and matching earrings (girl). Black button-up shirt with white tank underneath and khakis. Also an expensive watch and cologne (guy).
A mysterious dress and indian beads (girl). Colorful shirt and black pants (guy/girl).
Anything that you feel like wearing (that's clean).
What date?

Question 13:What would you most likely get from your mom for Christmas?
A gift certificate to the mall.
A new coat.
Books, puzzles, blank art books, and posters.
A snicker's bar (she doesn't really know you that well).
CDs, a new hat, a strobe light for your room, and free tickets to a P.O.D. concert.

Question 14:What kind of grades do you get?
Good enough to get me into college.
I dunno...I'm pretty sure I'm passing though.
They're pretty good.
Average. I know what I'm doing.
Straight A's all the way.

Question 15:Do you like to sing?
Not really...there's really no need to.
Yeah I have a great voice.
Sure...but mostly just in front of the mirror.
Yup. All the time.

Question 16:What would you rather be doing on a friday night during the summer?
Writing a book or drawing something.
Eating, sleeping...the normal people thing.
Going to a concert, huge party, or wandering aimlessly through the wood with a bunch of friends.
Doing something with your sweetie...like shopping!

Question 17:What are you wearing right now.
Jeans and a t-shirt.
A bath robe and slippers.
Some nice clothes...you never know who's gonna drop by.
Baggy stuff...the comfortable kind.

Question 18:What is your favorite kind of foot-wear?
Sexy, strappy high heels (girl), nice black shoes (guy)
Black boots
White tennis shoes
Mis-matched toe socks

Question 19:Who is your hero?
Your dad.
No one.
Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (you get the picture) grandpa.

Question 20:What would you rather buy your best friend for their birthday?
Hangers (you noticed that they were in need of some new ones)
A scarf.
Nothing. They don't get anything for you. And you're OK with that.
Clothes. Everyone needs them.
Whatever you see first...and second...and third......

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