What random object are you?
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What random object are you?

Are you bored with all of those 'other' tests telling you who you really are? Then take our test to find out how unique you are...

Question 1:What kind of person are you in groups/teams?
I throw a weird twist in when needed. Or when it's not.
I compliment others and help them follow through.
I am the outcast. By my own choice, of course.
I think of the ideas.

Question 2:How would you describe yourself(looks)?
Tall and thin, bigger on top. Frizzy/curly hair.
I have an abnormally large head.
I stink. And I am short and round.
I have lots of curves. In all the right places.

Question 3:How would you describe yourself(personality)?
I'm a little kooky but I manage to keep it all together.
I'm bright!
Screw off.
I am nice because I want everyone to like me.

Question 4:Let's say that you were walking down the street and you saw a hot guy/girl. What would you do?
I 'accidentally' bump into them as I walk by.
I walk up, say hi, and flash them my dazzling pearly whites.
Walk up boldly and compliment their hair...
Grab their ass as I walk by and make a rude comment.

Question 5:If you had one wish, what would it be?
For everyone to just get along...
For everyone to like me.
World peace. And lotsa money.
To get out of this hole.

Question 6:Pick a color:
Yellow/Lime Green

Question 7:How do you dance?
Why the hell would I want to dance?
I prefer belly-dancing.
Interpretive dance.
Like everyone else!

Question 8:How do you say hello?
Hi there!
Bite me loser.

Question 9:How do you say goodbye?
Goodbye *kiss*kiss*hug*
I'll miss you!
Up yours.

Question 10:If you ran across someone that you absolutely hated, what would you do?
I'd try to make friends with them again. Poor, lonely creature...
Ignore them.
Run them over with my Hummer... again... and again... and again. MWAHAHAHA!
Curse at them in Swedish.

Question 11:What do you think about President Bush?
I think he should f*** off so I can take over.
He makes me want to move to Canada...
I think that he is trying really hard so we should all support him.
Umm. I dunno.

Question 12:What kind of light do you prefer?
Disco lights. WHOO!
LIGHT?!?!? I love it all! yay!!!
Black light. I don't want to see your ugly face.
I like the light on the beach... ya know, like Spring Break. Heehee.

Question 13:What did you think of the quiz?
It was fun.
I think it was pretty weird.
Why the hell did I waste my time with this. You are all a bunch of losers! Kiss my ass!
Yay! You guys are cool! I loved it. I love you!

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