What Dwelling Are You
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What Dwelling Are You

Do you even care? Some do.

Question 1:Which of the following are you the most likely to have worn in the past week?
Spandex pants and a tank top
A Gore-Tex jacket and hiking boots
A vintage silk frock with heirloom pearls
A sweatshirt with a faded cartoon, perhaps Mickey Mouse, on the front

Question 2:What do you prefer for breakfast?
A bagel and coffee
Poached eggs and toast
Fruit Loops
A granola bar

Question 3:Which colour gives you calm, happy feelings most often?

Question 4:Which animal do you feel closest to?
A whining, yippy dog
A well-behaved yet melancholy cat
A twittery sort of morning bird
A graceful stallion

Question 5:If you found a $10 bill, would you buy:
A novel
A news daily
A supermarket tabloid
A guidebook of some description

Question 6:Friends describe you as:
Distant yet well-informed
Unable to control your emotions
Fast-paced and urbane
Fit and adventurous

Question 7:You have
Children, but they're pretentious and spoiled
Children, but they're never home
No children, and want to keep it that way
No children, but hope for some in the future

Question 8:The best musician is:
Ani Difranco
Shania Twain
Celine Dionne

Question 9:You have always wanted to:
Get to know as many different people as possible
Be busy and well-liked
Leave a lasting impression on history
Do your own thing

Question 10:Items like designer toothpaste are:
rarely thought of

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