The Adept Quiz
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The Adept Quiz

What kind of adept are you? Or are you not an adept at all?

Question 1:You are on a big quest. On the ground, you see a wallet filled with 75$. What do you do with it?
I'm not sure what I would do...
Ask who it belongs to, and never stop until you find the owner. But keep half after a week.
Keep it! I can never have too much money! I need it!
Keep it. you might need it. If you know the owner, return it.
Ask who it belongs to, and if nobody takes it in about a week, keep it for yourself.

Question 2:What cool thing have you done?
I levitated something. Without an air conditioner!
I did a growth dance to make a fire bigger.
I froze something. Without a freezer!
I commanded something to fall over, and succeed!
I can't do any of that, I'm just a kid!

Question 3:What temperature do you like?
Kind of cool, but not too cold.
Room temperature.
Cold. Really cold. Freezing.
Sort of hot, but not burning or I'll crisp.
Hot hot hot!

Question 4:How much do you like rock climbing?
Sure, I guess. As long as I get my turn first and go really high.
I don't like it, but I don't dislike it.
Yeah, it's great.
Nah, too high up and scary.

Question 5:How about those hot tubs at public pools?
No thanks, I'll pass.
Ooo, those things are so fun.
Agh, no, those things are creepy.
Never tried one before. What's it like?

Question 6:Do you like to swim?
I don't even know how to swim!
Yes, but I'm really picky. I want good depth, good shallowness, good temperature...
No, the water's freezing, I get the hugest goosebumps!!!
Yeah, that would be awesome.
That would be perfect, as long as the water's not too hot.

Question 7:Is skydiving your kind of thing? Or not?
Yes, except the air's to cold when it presses against your face.
What's sky diving? I've never done it.
YES!!! that's one of my favorite activities!
Uh... no thanks. Kind scary. Too high up.
Yeah, really fun. Kinda scary, but...

Question 8:There is no question eight. Just select what adept you think you might be.
None/Can't decide

Question 9:There's not a question nine either.
None/Can't decide

Question 10:Do you have many electronic devices?
Yeah, I have a little.
Yeah, I've got TV, computers, gameboys...
A lot, but not way too many.
Not very many, just one or two.
Uh... no... not many...

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