Which Care Bear are you?
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Which Care Bear are you?

Sure, they're all cute and fuzzy, but which one are you most like?

Question 1:What is your favorite snack food?
Candy bar.
Pizza rolls.
Granola Bar.

Question 2:If you had to wear the same color everyday for a whole year, which color would it be?
Pink or peach.
Yellow or orange.
Purple or red.
Green or tan.
Blue or black.

Question 3:What is the most likely reason you'd throw a party?
My best friend's birthday.
No reason would make me throw a party.
I haven't seen your friends or family in a while.
To meet some new friends by networking.
It's an excuse to have fun.

Question 4:Your friend is bummed out. What do you do?
Write them a nice poem.
Give them a hug.
Start making up goofy jokes.
Pull a stupid stunt.
I am the bummed out friend.

Question 5:What is your best characteristic?
I'm optimistic.
I know how to relax after a stressful day.
I am always nice.
I have a good imagination.
I am concerned for loved ones.

Question 6:What is your biggest flaw?
I never pass up a party.
I day dream too much.
I feel sorry for myself.
I talk too much.
I'm hyper!

Question 7:Which of these is your favorite?
A star.
A flower.
A moon or sun.
A rainbow.

Question 8:What is your favorite part of school?
Lunch time.
Art class.
Do dances count?
Study hall.

Question 9:Of the following, who's music do you match with the best?
50 cent.
Pink Floyd.
Alan Jackson.
The flavor of the week.
Enrique Iglesias.

Question 10:What were you most likely to get in trouble for at school?
Skipping class.
Not paying attention in class.
Talking out in class.
Irritating the teacher with questions that just came out of curiosity.
I never got in trouble.

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