Are You A Good Care Bear?
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Are You A Good Care Bear?

See if you would be a good addition to the Care Bear squad

Question 1:   The "Uh-Oh Alarm" goes off in the middle of the night, right in the middle of a really awesome dream about Orlando Bloom. What do you do?
Grumble and take your time.
Jump up and run to their aid.
Turn over and go back to sleep, completely ignoring the alarm.

Question 2:   You have to ride in a cloud car with one other Care Bear. Who would it be?
Grumpy Bear (He'll be in as bad a mood as you.)
Secret Bear (At least she won't be chattering away.)
Funshine Bear (She's a hoot!)

Question 3:   If you were a Care Bear, your name would be...
Loner Bear
Hug Bear
Blow-Things-Up Bear

Question 4:   What color would you be?
Hot Pink or something bright
BLACK! (It matches my aura)
Who Cares?

Question 5:   How many friends do you have?
Bloodthirsty and horrible, I am. I have devoured my friends!
LOTS! (I'm such a great friend!)
No one wants to be friends with me!

Question 6:   Love-a-Lot gives you a Valentine. What do you do?
Give her a Valentine, but rig it with a BOMB!
Give her one back. I never forget my friends.
Grumble and say thanks.

Question 7:   What does YOUR Valentine to Tenderheart say?
I leave it blank.
I LOVE you very much! Thank you for being my friend!

Question 8:   During a Care Bear Stare, what color rainbow does your tummy shoot out?

Question 9:   What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Vanilla (Plain and Boring)
Marshmallow Swirl (It's happy!)
Poison (It's not like I'm the one who's gonna be eating it)

Question 10:   You're standing in line for the bathroom and Swiftheart REALLY needs to go. You...
Let her go in front of you and give her some of your heart toilet paper.
Make her wait and put superglue on the toilet seat.
Let her go in front of you. She wouldn't notice you anyway.

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