What Chess Piece Are You?
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What Chess Piece Are You?

When you played chess, have you ever wondered, "Gee if I was one of these pieces, which would I be?" Most would say KING! Well let's see if that's really what you are.

Question 1:   You are walking down the hall, and spot your arch nemesis, you?
Hop around him
Turn around and walk the other way
Slip by unnoticed
Ask your friend what to do
Say a witty insult as you pass

Question 2:   You are getting a pet! Which?

Question 3:   You are gonna buy candy! Which?
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Hershey's Chocolate Bar
Everlasting Gobstoppers
Candy Hearts
3 Musketeers

Question 4:   You are with your friend traveling when it suddenly gets frigid, you?
Convince your friend to come with you and continue walking with him/her
Continue to trek through with or without your friend
Ask your friend what to do
Turn around and go back home with or without your friend
Jump, it goes faster and keeps you warm with or without your friend

Question 5:   You are friends with?
A lot of people
People who like to PARTY!
A few close friends

Question 6:   You are playing a board game, which?
What ever who you are playing with wants to play

Question 7:   Which is your favorite color(s)?
Bright Orange/Yellow/Pink

Question 8:   You see someone you dislike in English class. And he/she is sitting near you, you?
Ask your friend next to you what to do
Sit there and hope he doesn't turn around
Contemplate throwing a pen cap at him/her but don't
Try to strike up a conversation
Give him the wrong answers to everything

Question 9:   You are gonna take a drink, you get ...
Coca Cola
Orange Soda

Question 10:   Which do you hear most often?
Stop thinking!
Where Did You Go!
Go back to your buddies!
You are dead!
Calm Down!

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