The Science Fiction Action Figure Personality Revue
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The Science Fiction Action Figure Personality Revue

A test based on the research of an ambitious Action Figure Collector, and Rabid Science Fiction Fan. Choose a preferred SCIFI platform, then pick the philosophical statement that more closely matches your outlook on Scifi

Question 1:Which of the larger Science Fiction entertainment Universes appeals most to you?
Star Trek
Star Wars
The software requires three choices, but you really have to pick one of the other ones, or picking this one functionally works out as a choice for Star Wars.

Question 2:For a central philosophical component of your chosen platform, Star Trek (ST) or Star Wars (SW), pick you closest view.
(ST) Prime Directive: Good to see at least an attempt to balance our innate desires with a governing policy.
(ST) Prime Directive: Can we honestly interract without contaminating?This would force adventurers to stay 20 parsecs from any planet that MAY support life.
(SW) The Force: Boiled down, it reflects many major religions: We are intricate parts of the Universe, and closely bound to it.
(SW) The Force: 'Saturday Morning Cartoon' -type magic. About as mystical as a Scooby Doo investigation.

Question 3:Concerning the policies of the greater organizations the heroes belong to:
ST: In Starfleet, the leaders do the most, as they have the greatest experience and training.
ST: In Starfleet, if the Department Head can't do it, it can't be done. This isn't even close to real life.
SW: The Rebel Alliance rewards noted merit with rank and authority, even on short aquaintance.
SW: The Rebel Alliance made leaders out of known criminals. Don't they have background checks?

Question 4:Regarding the model sidekick:
ST: Spock's intellect is the perfect complement to Kirk's more spontaneous leadership style.
ST: Spock is another exploited underling who should have had his own command LONG ago.
SW: R2-D2 is a perfect example of the diversity of Star Wars, a main character not even remotely human.
SW: R2-D2 is a perfect example of the shallowness of Star Wars. His beeps and whooples pretend at dialogue, as do many characters throughout the movies.

Question 5:Regarding the fights entered into by some of the heroes:
ST: Picard usually seeks moral certainty before committing to confrontation.
ST: Picard should really talk less, and shoot more.
SW: Luke is at his best when he ignores blaster and lightsabre, and resolves conflict with intellect.
SW: Luke should talk with dead men less, and with the enemy FAR less.

Question 6:Regarding Characters added to the story line, and the purpose:
ST: Seven of Nine: A fascinating character, with deeper strengths AND weaknesses than most Trek personnel.
ST: Seven of Nine, obvious marketing ploy (or matched set of ploys).
SW: Jar Jar: Comic Relief AND CGI! It just doesn't get any better than this!
SW: Jar Jar: George's crack hallucinations just shouldn't show up for casting calls.

Question 7:In the way of villainy:
ST: Q: A villain with no real limits? What a challenge!
ST: Q: Deus Ex Machina as a character? With dialogue? What were they thinking?
SW: Darth Vader: A thorough villain, but with room to grow and rehabilitate. Touching.
SW: Darth Vader: Cool at the start, but he seemed to get wimpier with every movie. 'The Pathos is strong in this one.'

Question 8:The Alien species throughout the universe:
ST: Careful exploration of human foibles revealed in aliens as caricatures of human aspects and tendencies.
ST: Oh, look, people with bumpy heads. Must be the aliens.
SW: More character and individuality than you could shake a hyrda at.
SW: Oh, look, action figures, some with dialogue. Must be the aliens.

Question 9:Specific Supporting Species of the Mythos:
ST: Klingons: An appealing mix of honor and bloodymindedness.
ST: Klingons: Obvious start as rip offs of cold war tensions with untrustworthy swarthy foreigners.
SW: Ewoks: Appealing aboriginal underdogs empowered against overconfident armored thugs.
SW: Ewoks: Saccharine Stone Age Fuzzy Smurfs with Anime Eyed Squirrel Faces.

Question 10:And Finally, the Vessels:
ST: Ships are recognizable icons of a future of hope and pride.
ST: Wouldn't ship design alter/evolve a BIT over the years? Especially after a few WARS?
SW: The Millenium Falcon: A unique ship with character and personality.
SW: Millenium Falcon: Never steal a spaceship stolen on a Friday.

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