What Writing Instrument Are You?
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What Writing Instrument Are You?

What writing instrument best describes you? Find out with this quiz!

Question 1:Which best describes your favorite colors?
Earthy tones - warm brown, rust, sage green.
Bold and bright - hot pink, royal purple, sunshine yellow.
Muted classics - navy, dark green, tan, gray.
Cheery, primary colors - red, blue, yellow, orange.
Dark and dramatic - black, pewter, rich burgundy, deep blue.

Question 2:You're going out on the town - what are you wearing?
Something casual and comfortable.
Something smart and polished.
Something unusual and unique.
Something cute and trendy.
Something sexy and daring.

Question 3:What's on your feet?
Heels, loafers, or wingtips.
Sneakers or comfortable slippers.
Boots, clogs, or whatever else is in the closet.
Thigh high boots, stilettos, or chunky platforms.
Sandals, socks, or nothing at all.

Question 4:You're a substitute teacher - what class are you teaching today?
Art or literature.
PE, science, or shop.
Business, math, or physics.
Sex ed.

Question 5:You stop at the corner bookstore - which section do you head for?
Poetry, classic literature, philosophy, religion.
Style, fashion, beauty, relationships.
Parenting, mystery, romance, nature.
Business, true crime, history, science.
Children's books, humor, games, comics.

Question 6:On the way out of the bookshop, you stop at the coffee bar - what will you have?
Energy drinks, Diet Coke, cheesecake.
A milkshake, orange juice, a bag of jelly beans.
Black coffee, herbal tea, bagels.
Regular Coke, bottled water, cookies.
Espresso, Irish coffee, chocolate truffles.

Question 7:What one thing will you never be without?
Credit cards!
My cellphone or pager.
Extra cash in case of an emergency.
My friends!
A journal or sketchbook.

Question 8:How do you usually start your day?
Coffee and toast with the morning paper.
Well, I usually don't wake up until 6:00 pm, so . . .
Wake up around lunchtime with a hangover and someone else's clothes on.
Bounce out of bed ready to GO!
Get up, shower, eat breakfast - the usual.

Question 9:All your friends have plans, so you're alone on a Saturday night - what will you be doing?
Go over files and reports for Monday morning.
Head to the mall and catch the latest movie.
Get dressed up and hit the clubs anyway!
Curl up with a good book or relax in front of the TV.
Revel in having some time alone to recharge.

Question 10:One of your friends has invited you to his/her birthday party - what do you do?
I hear some well-connected people will be there, so I'll make an appearance.
Well, I'm kind of busy, but it's my friend, so I'll drop buy for a bit.
Sounds like FUN! Whee!!
I'm not good with big groups, so I'll invite my friend out for lunch later to celebrate.
I'm SO there! There'll be some hot guys/girls there for sure!

Question 11:Which of these scents appeals to you most?
Clean, crisp scents.
Fresh, woodsy scents.
Exotic, rich scents.
Fruity, sweet scents.
Warm, spicy scents.

Question 12:Which animals appeal to you most?
The ugly animals no one else wants.
Any cute baby animals.

Question 13:What will you be doing before you go to sleep tonight?
Romping in the bed with that hottie from the club.
Getting everything ready to go for work tomorrow morning.
Catching the late shows on TV.
Gabbing on the phone with my friends.
Going over the day in my journal.

Question 14:What is your drink of choice?
Stiff mixed drinks.
Vodka or other hard liquor.
Beer or wine coolers.
Something fruity with a little kick.

Question 15:Which best describes your musical taste?
Rock, alternative, or blues.
Classic, jazz, or oldies.
Pop, techno, or country.
Experimental, metal, or indie rock.
Dance beats, hip hop, or rap.

Question 16:Which shape appeals to you most?
Straight lines.

Question 17:You're going out for dinner - what tickles your fancy?
Steak and potatoes.
Ethnic cuisine.
Fast food.
Dinner? Take me to the bar!
Gourmet fare.

Question 18:What's your hair color?
The same it's always been.
Sensible brown.
Blue-black or wildly colored.
I'm a bottle blonde!
Sexy red, for me.

Question 19:Which best describes what you want out of life?
Fulfillment, wisdom, knowledge.
Power, prestige, wealth.
Happiness, friendship, joy.
Stability, contentment, love.
Excitement, adventure, spontaneity.

Question 20:Finally, since you're a writing instrument, what kind of paper will you be used on?
Drawing paper.
Notebook paper.
Crisp stationary.
Construction paper.

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