What Punctuation Mark Are You?
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What Punctuation Mark Are You?

Is English class all Greek to you? Can't make heads or tails out of those funny like things at the end of your sentence? Wonder which one you are? Take this fun-filled personality test and find out!

Question 1:Pick an animal.
Raccoon! Curious, like me.
Like, fuzzy kitty!
Dolphin. I am always the smartest.
Hawk! No, tiger! No, python! No- oh, you get the picture.
A friendly golden retriever.

Question 2:When you go to the mall, where to you hit first?
I like those weird little shops with all the fantasy junk.
Like, Abercrombie, DUH!
Sports store or arcade!
I usually go to the food court to meet up with my pals.
The bookstore, of course.

Question 3:It's Saturday night at the theatre. What type of movie are you watching?
Fantasy and sci-fi flicks for me!
Action! Pure action!
Anything! I like it all!
Like, comedy? lol!
I prefer documentaries.

Question 4:Given a choice, what type of music would you listen to?
Classical, by far.
Older rock, maybe techno.
Like, pop! I love N*SYNC!
Pure,hardcore rock! Either punk or metal!!!
Oh man, I love it all!

Question 5:Choose a color.
Friendly, true blue.
Black and white.
Radical red!
Kooky shades of purple. And any other new, weird color!
Pink and purple!

Question 6:What is your dream job?
Explorer, psychic, artist, etc.
Like, uh, fashion model?
Stunt person, extreme sports athlete, fighter pilot, oh yeah!
A doctor or nurse.

Question 7:Do you get along with computers?
They're man's best friend.
Like,um, AIM?
They're alright, but you can't exactly jump off of one.
I love the Internet!
Keeps me in touch!

Question 8:What is (or was!) your favorite subject in school?
I like a couple things.
Like, lunch? Social hour!
History, math, everything!

Question 9:What's best?
Like, popularity and fashion.
Interesting stuff.

Question 10:What's worst?
Boring people!
Dorks with no sense of fashion.
Nastiness.. grrr...

Question 11:Okay, now I'm running out of questions. pick an object!
Best friends charm.
Crystal ball.
Reference book.
Like, lipgloss!
Skateboard or soccerball, but mostly skateboard.

Question 12:Pick a dream vacation.
Like, Hawaii!
What do you mean vacation? I have to work!
Exploring a sunken ship.
Scuba diving with my pals.

Question 13:What color do you want your hair?
Dyed a different color each day!
Bright red or dyed with lots of colors!
Any color!
Long, silky blond!
The color it is now.

Question 14:what are you most likely to say?
*grins* Sounds fun!
According to my calculations...
Let's go for it!
I wonder....

Question 15:Last question. Why did you take this quiz?
Like, I forgot?
Seemed informational.
Because I wanted to know what mark I was!
I don't have anything better to do.
Cuz it looked fun!

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