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What Do My Brothers / Sisters Think Of Me?

What Do My Brothers / Sisters Think Of Me?


Am I a Good Big Sister? Quiz


What's your birth order?


Is your older sister an angle or a devil?


Do you have a good sibling?


Is my sister weird?


Do I fight too much with my siblings?


Are you a good sibling? Quiz

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44 days ago
I have a younger sibling who is 16. Though she is a little shy so I'm trying the best of my ability possible to make her less shy.

I love her with all my heart and no matter where she goes, I will go with her so I can see that she is safe and sound. Safely is my top priority.

Big brother Jake, age 23
1032 days ago
My siblings always give love to me that I need 😍🤗
1231 days ago
can you make a quiz to figure out why a kids siblings hate them