Which Endless sibling are you?
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Which Endless sibling are you?

"The Sandman" was great, but what you really want to know is, which Endless sibling are you?

Question 1:Okay, so you have a realm. What's in it?
A gigantic statue of me, of course!
Anything, 'cause I change it around a lot.
A long, complicated garden maze.
A broken sundial that says "Time Flies" in Latin.
A castle filled with the stuff dreams are made of.

Question 2:What kind of pet would you have?
Strange, gray vaporous things.
A talking dog my big brother gave me.
Ravens, and I'd go through a bunch of them.
My two goldfish.
Psht, like I would have a pet. Please!

Question 3:What would be the strangest thing about you?
I have no shadow.
Is there anything about me that isn't strange?
No one can tell if I'm a guy or a girl.
I can be everywhere and here at the same time.
My eyes are completely black.

Question 4:What kind of style would you rock?
A cross between punk and bag lady.
Whatever makes me look hot.
Whatever is fashionable and appropriate.
A long, monk-like robe.

Question 5:What item would you want identified with you?
A swirling pattern.
A heart.
An ankh.
A helmet.
A thick book.

Question 6:What would you think about yourself?
I can have whoever I want.
I know more than what you think I do.
I never change.
I know everything that is going to happen.
I can go and do whatever I want.

Question 7:What would be your favorite accessory?
A ruby.
Anything fishnet.
A chain on my wrist.
A funky pendant.
A pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

Question 8:What would others' first impression be?
They'd think I'm a jerk.
They'd think I was out of my mind.
They'd know me, but can't remember from where.
They'd want me. Then and there.
They'd think I'm blind.

Question 9:What would be your prize possession?
My floppy hat collection.
My statues.
My library.
My leather jackets.
My costumes.

Question 10:What would be a little-known fact about you?
I created a land for an ex of mine.
Sometimes, there is more than one of me.
I am mortal one day out of the year.
I had a kid.
I used to be someone else.

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