Are you a good sibling?
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Are you a good sibling?

This test will determine if you are a good or bad sister or brother.

Question 1:   You are at the mall and your sibling goes up to pay for his/her clothing and have no money. You.....
Pay for it all
Pay for and tell them to pay you back later
Tell them to put it back
Pay for some and tell them to put the rest back

Question 2:   You are still at the mall when your sibling fall on their face. You.....
Laugh and help him/her
Help him/her up without laughing
Walk away like you don't know them
Make fun of him/her and keep on walking

Question 3:   You sibling is running out the door when your parents tell them to clean their room. You.....
Help him/her a while
Help him/her fot money
Tell him/her you will do it all
Tell him/her you will do it and then don't to get him/her in trouble

Question 4:   It is raining and your sibling calls you because his/her car broke down. You.....
Tell them you are too busy
Leave right away
Tell him/her your coming and wait 30 minutes
Tell hem you're coming but you don't go

Question 5:   What animal do you say your sibling reminds you of?

Question 6:   How would you describe your sibling?
Sometimes nice and sometimes mean
The meanest person in the world
A big brat
The best sibling in the world

Question 7:   If you could, would you trade your sibling in for a different one?
No Way!

Question 8:   If you won a million dollars what would you buy your sibling?
A car

Question 9:   Would you die for your sibling?
No way!
It depends.

Question 10:   How much do you love your sibling on a scale from one to ten?

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