What Do Your Siblings Think Of You?

Do they think you're nice or not so much? Awesome or annoying? Maybe a little of everything? Find out now what your sibs REALLY think of you! P.S.: YOU must care about THEM or you wouldn't bother to take a quiz to see how they feel about you, right?:-)

  • 1
    There's only one ice cream left and you both want it. What do you do?
    There's only one ice cream left and you both want it. What do you do?
  • 2
    You and your sibling are shooting at each other with water guns. All of a sudden he/she falls and cuts their knee. You:
  • 3
    If your sister/brother is telling you about how mean your crush is, what do you say?

  • 4
    When you are fighting with your sibling, do you ever start laughing if they say something really stupid? If you do, then do they get mad that you aren't being serious?
  • 5
    Does your sibling ever embarrass you?
  • 6
    It's a stormy night, and your young sibling is really scared. He/She comes into your room and asks if he/she can stay with you until the storm is over. What do you do?

  • 7
    What do you do at the breakfast table each morning?
  • 8
    If your younger sibling is watching a show on TV and you really want to watch something else, what do you do?
  • 9
    What do you think of your siblings?
  • 10
    If someone at school were calling your sibling stupid, what would you do?

Comments (162)


16 days ago
I have 4 sibblings and they are all animals hahah
41 days ago
doesnt matter what i do he hates me and hits my doesnt let me do hat i want he doesnt even care for me
43 days ago
My brother hates me and i hate him, only bc of tha

54 days ago
weird. it says they hate me but they still love me??? umm...??? OK?????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ?? something my teeny human mind cannot comprehend...??????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
71 days ago
thank you for this test i have an older brother and an older sister and this made us stay happy!
72 days ago
My older sister hates me she always is saying she is sick of me and she never says she loves me so thats how i know she hates me :(
85 days ago
For 20% you are: So what do your siblings think of you? They think you are fair. You make deals to get what you want, but in the end, you're both/all happy. They like that. It's not good to always be quid pro quo (something for something), though. Occasionally, instead of making deals, try taking the high road and just being nice and giving them what they want without getting what you want.

ok. I let my aggression out on her which is nice for me but she hit me with a Shoe the other day. So i hit her back, but hard
90 days ago
I really love my sister but sometimes she can be a mean to me, I feel like she hates me and maybe to her I'm THE "annoying little sister"I know she doesn't play our "pretend" games anymore but she likes video games and I like them to so I thought we could play some multiplayer games like among us or Roblox maybe Mincraft but she still does not wanna do anything WITH ME.
92 days ago
I have a brother and he is so annoying he yelled that i liked this guy witch i did in school and embarsed me i was so mad when i got home i broke his nose by accident!!! 0_0 I got grounded for 2 months -_-
121 days ago
I'm I'm the youngest sibling I have two my brother and my sister and I feel like my sister hates me all I want is for her to like me it it doesn't work she said she was sorry once and kept doing it she would hit me kick me and tell at me until I cry I would cry myself to sleep when we would fight.
123 days ago
My sister is ms annoying. Can I dump her in some water now
135 days ago
MY sister is the most annoying and mean i the wole world
144 days ago
My Sister was so mean She is older then me but she makes dinner
156 days ago
I really love my siblings and i would always take care of them no matter what and i will never forget them
156 days ago
I really love my siblings
157 days ago
awwwwwwwwwwwwww they love me *sniff* *sniff*
164 days ago
186 days ago
I HATE MY BROTHERS,Exept mh baby bro he vibes with me,sometimes he cryls but i cry with him sometimes i also make him laugh A LOT :)
189 days ago
I have 2 siblings. I am treated like dirt. My siblings are treated like royalty.
199 days ago
O.m.g I am so alike with my siblings I feel like we should be twins but they are younger than me I'm so sad sometimes they are annoying and funny I love my brother and sister they are just loyal to me❤️