How Good An Older Sister Are You?

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All sisters bicker, but sometimes enough is enough. See how good an older sister you are.

  • 1
    If your sister started poking you again and again and again, what would you do?
  • 2
    You're watching "What Not to Wear", when your sister changes it to (oh no!) Spongebob!
  • 3
    You see your sister talking to her crush, wearing your new shirt! You...

  • 4
    Your sister stole the last helping of mashed potatoes, your favorite meal! You...
  • 5
    You see your sister talking on her cell phone, even though she's banned! You...
  • 6
    You're about to ask out Bryan Wood, the hottest kid in your grade when your little sister runs up singing "Oh! You like Bryan! Kiss, Kiss!"

  • 7
    It's Opening Night at your sister's play and she's really excited. What do you do?
  • 8
    You're at your grandparent's house when Grandma starts to congratulate your sister on her A in history even though you got an A+ report card.
  • 9
    Your mom put your sister and you into the same camp that you have been in for a while, but your sister hasn't. She's a little nervous.
  • 10
    How many fights do you have?

Comments (50)


16 days ago
I meant me
It’s the stupid audio correct
16 days ago
I love my sister and all but she gets so annoying and I also hate mashed potatoes there’s so dry but anyway we fight like every day and I slap her but i earache spongebob it’s cool ok and I don’t go to camp I would go to camp but my parents wouldn’t let me
35 days ago
i love my sis but like u see how she gets annoying i slap her across her frickin face
47 days ago
sure sure im a ''good'' sister my little sister and i fight all the time and i hate mashed potatoes
80 days ago
I love my little sis
98 days ago
I love my sisters
142 days ago
I am a older sister,I don't fight with her, Even she hits me and I don't. What a selfish sister she only thinks about herself.
260 days ago
Me and my sister fight once in 2 months. She may be older than me, but what is wrong on being kind even she makes a mistake?
275 days ago
whats wrong with spongebob? its awesome. anyway yeah i🍦as a big sister
333 days ago
I love my 7 year old sis and all, but let's face it:
She's a nightmare! If I do so much as roll my eyes at her, she'll whine MOM!!! Katie's being MEAN!!! Or she'll scratch me like a fricking cat. I actually have s👮e marks on my right hand from today when we were arguing.
341 days ago
I love my sister ❤️
377 days ago

love ya sis!
393 days ago
Love my sis 😂
404 days ago
you are normal who ever made this
527 days ago
does this even work I am waiting for my results
543 days ago
This is totally a lie
614 days ago
50% peas in a pod,
40% tattletale, 10% WW3.
I'm quite a good sister although sometimes we don't get along. Some of these questions were irrelevant because I have a little brother rather than sister.
628 days ago
Me sis and I did this quiz we both got 2 peas in a pod one. We get along but annoy each other. Meh
676 days ago
My sister is very kind
693 days ago