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This quiz questions your true Sisterhood to your closest of friends.

Question 1:If your 'sister' needed to borrow your brand new car?
Tell her no
Only if you can go along
Let her, no questions asked

Question 2:If your 'sister' needed to borrow at $1000.00?
Loan it no questions asked
Ask her what it is for and demand interest
Ask her to give you detailed information
Hold her car title until re -payment is made

Question 3:Your ' sister ' with five horrible children needs you to babysit overnight?
Decline and say you have other plans
Fake the flu
Do whatever you need to do to help

Question 4:Your ' sister ' made this wonderful meal for your to share and it taste like it was last weeks leftovers.
You eat it and then go throw up
Decline, say your dieting
Nibble and say, it doesn't taste very good
Be totally honest and tell her it is awful

Question 5:You are asked to feed your ' sisters ' dogs for a week.
Accept, then take them to the puppy motel
Hire a teenager to do it for you
Accept, and do it graciously
Take them to the pound and say they were run over

Question 6:Your ' sister ' makes a comment about a shirt your wearing, do you take it
Do you get rude
Buy her the same shirt for Christmas

Question 7:You know something about your 'sister', you think it might be a rumor, do you?
Ask her before gossiping
Tell several friends to see if they know anything
Tell other sisters to see if they will confess
Add to it and make it jucier than it already was.

Question 8:You know a secret to do you?
Keep it a secret
Reveal it to your ' sisters'
Tell everyone you see

Question 9:You see one of your 'sisters' children getting stopped by the police do you?
Tell the child you know
Tell all your friends and hope they tell your ' sister'
Call them and make them aware

Question 10:Your 'sister' makes you answer all these questions, do you?
Tell her this is stupid
Don't do it
Forgive her and laugh about it later.

This Quiz has been designed by Denise Elkin.