Should You have kids?
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Should You have kids?

Ever wonder if you are ready for kids? Ever wonder if you should have kids? Take this test and find out

Question 1:   Do you have patience for crying, whining, and fighting?
Yes of course
only for a few minutes
not at all
for a while but not too long

Question 2:   Can you stand the sight of someone puking without gagging yourself?
no way I will puke too
If I don't smell it I will be fine
If I look away I am fine
I feel a little queasy but can handle it

Question 3:   Do you require a lot of uninterrupted sleep?
Yes! I need my sleep or Watch out!
I need a couple hours of straight sleep is all
I can go a day only without uninterrupted sleep
No, I am fine with cat naps

Question 4:   Can you clean up poop?
Poop? NO WAY!
Only if it doesn't stink too bad
Only a little poop not too much
Of course! No Problem

Question 5:   Can you put yourself LAST always?
For a while not always
On occasion
Sure I never worry about myself

Question 6:   Do you need a lot of time to yourself?
Yes I can't stand to have someone around all the time
NO I love people around everywhere I go
Sometimes I do
During that time of month yes I need to be alone

Question 7:   Are you ready to give up your freedom?
What freedom?
Well, not all my freedom
Well for a while not too long

Question 8:   Are you ready to give up dating all the time?
No I have to date daily
Only a few nights a week will I give up dating
I don't have a boyfriend so who cares about dating

Question 9:   Are you ready for cartoons all the time?
No I have to watch my soaps!
A few hours in the morning only
Only on Saturdays
Yes I love the Wiggles!

Question 10:   Are you ready to have someone depend on you for everything?
No I can't even depend on myself
For Everything?
I am ready and waiting
Sometimes I am dependable

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