How many kids will I have and what will my kids be called?

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Here you will find out how many kids you will have, what they are called, their birthday etc. based on the answers you have chosen.

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878 days ago
jazzy you are the best
910 days ago
I will have 6 to 8 kids
915 days ago
Omfg I will not have 8 friggin kids!!! No way
933 days ago
@Dog Lover I am the same age as you
And my dream is to become a babysitter myself but that may be hard with 6 kids of my own🤣🤣!
933 days ago
For 100 percent you are
Congratulations 6 kids! 5 boys and 1 sweet girl
Your first child will be called Carson and he will be born on May 20th. You will be 25 when he is born.
Not long after you will fall pregnant again with twin boys. They will be born on August 8th. They’re names will be Dylan and Reece. Ray will be born on January 3rd . When Ray is 1 month you unexpectedly fall pregnant again with your 5 and final boy Finlay. He will be born on December 21st. After 2 years you fall pregnant again with your 1st girl she will be called Rosie. Shewill be born on July 22nd!
I love these answers and hope this is 100 percent accurate
946 days ago
sorry but I would never call my child Reece. I prefer unique names like Gale or Willow
958 days ago
O got 33% four kids and 33% six kids BTW I am a kid and I am eight years old
1044 days ago
This is odd my crush and who it said I would marry is the same person
1112 days ago
I’m gonna have 6 kids (5 boys and 1 girl). Their names will be Carson, Dylan, Reece, Ray, Finlay, and Rosie.
1130 days ago
How many kids will I have and what will my kids be called?
For 42% you are: 8 children! 5 girls and 3 boys. When your 23 you will marry the love of your life, Harrison. At 24 your first bundle of joy will arrive on March 23rd, baby Lola. Soon after Lola's 5 month birthday you fall pregnant again, with another girl, Harper. She will be born on April 2nd. A year later you unexpectedly fall pregnant will yet another girl! Baby India will be born on September 15th. When your 27 you will fall pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Harrison jr. and Amber. They will be born on November 29th. Theo will soon follow being born on August 20th, with Brooklyn a year after on July 17th. Finally baby Ronan will be born on your birthday as well! What a family you will have!
1202 days ago
worst day ever omg Omg
1202 days ago
8 children and married at 23 I said get married at mid to late twenties I wanted 3-4 a boy called Harvey middle name lee and twin girls one called nova middle name briella and the other called lillianna middle name rose oh and by the way did I mention that I am 11 I am not having 8 friging children
1203 days ago
holy guacamole 8-6 kids lol i did this 3 three times and got the same flippin answer
1214 days ago
You will have 2 kids!

Twins! 2 boys. When you are 36 you will marry the love of your life and quickly fall pregnant with twins. They will be born on February 16th and will be called Joseph and Jameson. Congrats!
I wanted 1 Baby GIRL!!!!!
1262 days ago
6 Kids ummmmmm... that is not what I was expecting lol
1271 days ago
uhhhhhh 6 kids...I wanted 2 kids then foster one until it was older and less cute lol (JK)
1314 days ago
This is amazing. I did it twice in different divides and it told me the same awnser