Are You Ready to Move Out?
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Are You Ready to Move Out?

Do you think it is time to get out from under mommy and daddy? Are you craving independence? Are your bags packed and the ignition running? ... but now you are having second thoughts... are you really ready to move out? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:   Of course, being financially stable determines if you are able to move out. How is your income?
$10,000 to $15,000
$30,000 to $40,000
$15,000 to $20,000
$20,000 to $30,000
$5,000 to $10,000

Question 2:   How stable is your income and your job?
I hold a stable managerial position.
I have worked here a long time and advanced.
I have been working here a while, but no promotion.
I just started, but it is better than my last job.
I haven't been with this company long.

Question 3:   Are there any existing predicaments or conditions that will be cutting into your normal work schedule? (I.e. pregnancy, college)
I am graduating from college soon, and making more.
I have a personal, temporary situation right now.
I am expecting my first child.
I am in college full time.

Question 4:   Dependency is also a major factor in the ability to move out. How dependent are you to your parents?
I borrow from them on occasion.
They pay for things for me when I am low on money.
I don't really depend on them for anything.
I haven't borrowed money from them in a year or more.
They pay most of my bills (car, cell phone).

Question 5:   Choose the answer that more closely describes the things your parents have let you borrow money for, or have paid for on your behalf in the past 12 months.
gas on occasion, and a cell phone bill or two
gas, car insurance, cell phone, credit card sometimes
small necessities like soap or shampoo
They bought me dinner at a nice restaurant once.

Question 6:   Now it gets a little personal. How old are you?
27 or older
16 or younger
17 to 19

Question 7:   Are you expecting to get help from someone to pay the expenses of an apartment?
Yes, my boy/girl friend will help.
If I need it, I can find someone to help.
My parents (or other) are paying for it.
No, in fact I will be helping someone else with theirs.

Question 8:   How much do you expect to be able to spend a month on a place?
Out of my own pocket will be close to $100 or $200.
over $900
about $600-900 a month
It will be a small place, so I can foot a $400 place
Someone else is picking up the tab.

Question 9:   How long have you been looking into moving out? (seriously)
since I started making enough money
since I was in college
since I graduated from college
since I couldn’t stand my parents
since I was a teenager

Question 10:   Choose the answer that best describes why you want to move out.
Now I have the money.
I hate my house; I can't stand it anymore.
I have the money, I have great credit, I am old enough
My parents want me to move out.
I pretty much pay all of my bills now.

Question 11:   Where are the apartments of your choice located?
Close to my job
Close to my boy/girl friend
Close to my school
As far away from my parents as possible.
Between work and school

Question 12:   Rate yourself on responsibility, one being the least responsible person to ten being the most responsible. (be honest, if your parents are paying your bills, you have problems with the law, you are in enormous debt or you don't even have a drivers license, your score will be low)
three or four
one or two
five or six
nine or ten
seven or eight

Question 13:   Choose the job description that best explains your line of work (where you get the majority of your income).
food service, hospitality, usually nonmanagerial
required four or more years of college to obtain
managerial, usually requiring some college
marketing, sales, etc.
probably something that would be considered illegal

Question 14:   How will your apartment be furnished?
I will purchase everything I need.
I will furnish it; the maid I pay for will clean it.
my parents probably
I will pay for what little furniture I will have.

Question 15:   How much do you expect to spend a month on "necessities"? (this includes: insurance, car, phone, internet, personal hygiene, food, etc;do not account for anything you do not pay for.)
$800 or more
$200 or less
$600 to $700

Question 16:   Adding what you spend a month on necessities with what you want to spend on an apartment, will you be able to afford to move out?
I may not be able to get the leather couch.
My mom will help me.
Hey, you're right. I can afford a much bigger apartment.
My boyfriend will help me.

Question 17:   Do your parents support you moving out?
yes, very much
They support me, but they are a little uneasy.
no, not really
What they don't know won't hurt them.

Question 18:   Will you have a roommate?
Yes, I will have one to help pay the bills
I can afford a nice place without a roommate.
I will have a few, otherwise I can't afford a that studio.
probably not

Question 19:   What kind of an apartment are you looking for? (keep in mind what you can afford)
a cheap one
A loft or studio, it's what I can afford.
no hot water, no fridge or stove, basic necessities
One bed and one bath
two or more bed, two bath, office, dining room

Question 20:   What are you planning to take with you to your new place?
I am hoping I can keep my furniture...
all my personals, I will buy new furniture
my clothes, and anything else I can sneak out with
bare minimum
I will just buy all new stuff; it's easier.

Question 21:   Are your friends living on their own?
yes, everyone but me
most of them
not really
I don't know.
the ones who can afford it

Question 22:   Will you have to adjust to a new life style when you leave?
not really
I will have to be a little less spontaneous with my money.
Yes, I will have to get used to eating expensive food.
I will have to get used to being strapped for cash.
more freedom, here I come!

Question 23:   What kinds of sacrifices will be made, if any?
I will have to get used to being strapped for cash.
less money for fun
hang overs will be more prevalent.
miss my parents

Question 24:   What are your goals for the next year?
get a new job
get married
finish college completely
finish another year of college
I don't know.

Question 25:   What about goals for the next five years?
maybe a child, if I get a raise
a new job, go back to school
No kids, I hate kids.
married, with kids, in the same career and loving it
maybe married

Question 26:   Do you expect to be able to afford these goals?
most likely

Question 27:   How long do you expect to stay in an apartment?
a while I guess
I don't know
until I get married
Until I can afford better
A year or two, then I'll get a house

Question 28:   Are you considered a dependant? If not, why?
No, I am over twenty-four.
No, I am married.
yes, for a year or two more
No, I have a kid.

Question 29:   Do you have your own car, job, insurance, etc?
Everything is in my parents name.
I don't have a car.
not insurance
yes and more

Question 30:   Would you be willing to consider staying home a little longer, if it were found in your best interest?
I suppose if something came up that prevented my move.
No way, I am getting out of here now.
depends on how it would be in my best interest
Probably not, I am really looking forward to this.

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