Do My Family Hate Me?

It's often said that you can choose your friends, but unfortunately, not your family! That's true, of course, and living and/or interacting closely with the same people day in and day out has both strengths and drawbacks. If you're questioning whether your family "hate" you, take this test and get my opinion and advice. Most likely you're all just under stress, but if there's a real problem such as abuse, you deserve get it sorted and to live a better life. Good luck!

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    Do any/all of your family members treat you less well than they do your other siblings?
    Do any/all of your family members treat you less well than they do your other siblings?

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5 days ago
I can’t tell if y’all are serious or not, but all these sewer slide positive messages seem like a desperate plea for attention. Please take a look at your life, because you all seem like little children who feel so sad about their own useless existence that they must take it out on a quiz website…
17 days ago
Oof, I don't want to study so I just wanna grab that sharp scissor used for stitching and slide it in my wrist. My parents doesn't even believe me that I just fought back to my classmates because they're bullying me online. lololololol
20 days ago
@Saturday Thank you, for your words. I know we only live once and no matter how rich you are you can't purchase life. But my life has no value, I think my mom just said that because I am complaining too much. She's right about what she said recently " We're not actors to be pretty ". I can hide my feelings, my mom already sees me like a emotionless piece of tihs⬅️ . I did so many bad things like; hitting my classmates, hitting my sister, yelling at my grandparents/parents ( inc. mom ), and swearing etc. In short, all of this proves that I am worthless, dust worth more than me 😂
23 days ago
i dont like my family they are bad and they always hit me and i hate my sister
26 days ago
Can you please speak to me? Darling, you are of too much value to be gone. Please, dear, stay and talk with me. If you allow it, I must speak to your heart.
Your mother deserves no love if she shows you none. You are never tied to your kin- you owe your mother nothing. She has only held you in her, she is but a vessel in your life. You choose your life.
Be strong, adoration of the earth. Hold your peace within you. You only have one chance at this life, your future should not be determined by the pains of your past.
Lové you Sunday. You are beloved.
30 days ago
Hi, just tonight, my mom said "I wish I never been careful when I was pregnant" why? Because, she doesn't know I have BDD ( Body dysmorphic disorder ) BDD is a mental disorder which cause problems on how you see yourself, please search for more info. Back to what she ( my mom ) said, "I wish I never been careful when I was pregnant, I should've just jump around outside" I stopped my tears and continued playing in my phone. I'm such a useless animal. It's like she wish I just died when I was in her womb or something. I love my mom and I will make her dream a reality. Next Sunday I will do it, I will come back here tomorrow.
31 days ago
I luterally hate my family. It was all well until my younger sis came. Now dad loves her and buys her expensive things. My dad and mom fought alot so lost my appitite and got bad in studies. They always mock me and my mom curses me. I keep looking up on how to run away but i am too scard. I think i might run away one day. My dad forces me to eat food but i cant because i think i have some deasease but my family will never get me checked out because it will take their money. I hate them more tan anything.
34 days ago
I know a lot of my family hates me! I have only 6 family members who do love me and want me around if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be here today! Because i was going to comet suicide about a year ago because all i thought was if i don't have family then who do i have?? But theses 6 people are my family (we'll they really are because i have 3 little kids who adore me and i adore them and my three cousins) they are all i have they are my family☺😊 if i didn't have them i don't know what i would do they mean everything to me I MAY HAVE A LITTLE FAMILY BUT THERE LOVE IS AS BIG AS A BIG FAMILY, i tear up at night thanking God that i have a little family who loves me i think God everyday that i have them, my whole life i been broken by my own to parents and my to brothers ever since i was 9 it's been that way with my parents and brother's they never cared, but know I'm not broken anymore because i have those 6 special people in my life and know i finally have what i always wanted LOVE i love them so much those 6 special people in my life, and what i want to do in my life is give joy and love to children and people i want to help people and make the world a better safer place, and remember (cousin's friends grandparents) it doesn't matter who it is as long as you guys love each other and care about each other y'all are family
39 days ago
Have a good day!!! :3
39 days ago
my mother says I was born to die and my father keeps saying I am stupid and annoying. Both my parents tell me to go and die. I used to hate my life but I think that in the future when I am grown up and I have my own house and stuff maybe the abuse would stop and I would be much happier (I hope) Look on the bright side! YOU WERE GIVEN A LIFE BECAUSE YOU WERE STRONG ENOUGH TO LIVE IT, so cheer up! :D
42 days ago
is it normal if ur mom tells u to go die and commit suicide and didnt even wish u on ur bday but instead said "i wish u were never born" ?
61 days ago
I am going through HELL at home. Someone pity me,
61 days ago
My family always puts me under stress and I feel that school is a true home.
64 days ago
I got my family hate me
64 days ago
i am only 11 and my family says wish i was not there
64 days ago
Most of these comments are wrote by kids
64 days ago
Hey I am only 12 and my family hates me my mum yells at me for every little thing she doesn't knows what its like and how I feel sometimes i rather die
65 days ago
i don’t like my family much at all. mainly my mother. she basically favours my other siblings (i have 4) and it’s ridiculous. people think the youngest child gets the most attention and is treated the best, definitely not. like i’m sobbing right now because she was yelling at me so i blocked her out with my music. music is pretty much the only thing keeping me here, and because i promised myself before i possibly kms i’ll have learnt my back handspring on the floor. i can already do it on my mat, air track, and trampoline :)
66 days ago
Hi I'm still 11 and I hate my life:)
70 days ago
hi ,well i am still 10 but i think this life is not good i just didnt do h/w they say you brat go to do now i- i think my mind will be "i hate my life and my family" and today i was very tried they say get out i just go in to tolite and think " wye they hate me ?" "yeah they hate me" "i will hurt my self" i cant take it anymore