Do My Family Hate Me? Quiz

It's often said that you can choose your friends, but unfortunately, not your family! That's true, of course, and living and/or interacting closely with the same people day in and day out has both strengths and drawbacks. If you're questioning whether your family "hate" you, take this test and get my opinion and advice. Most likely you're all just under stress, but if there's a real problem such as abuse, you deserve get it sorted and to live a better life. Good luck!

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    Do any/all of your family members treat you less well than they do your other siblings?
    Do any/all of your family members treat you less well than they do your other siblings?

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9 days ago
My family hates me you see,when I was 9 I was put into Foster care my grandparents took me on I kept on saying"i want to go home" they just laughed and said "you are home" then when my cousins came around I was treated differently I wouldn't get what they got they would get hugged, kissed and treated and I'd be lucky to even get a high five on my bday I turned 10 i had a party my family was there my cousins got everything on that day I just got a card.My nan was the worst she would pull mu hair,smack me,scratch my face,push me ,call me horrible names and say that I wasn't worth anything one ti,e I became really ill and I kept throwing up my nan would make me clean it and then she would get a black bag and take all my belongings away then when I was 13 I was abused I got hit and pinned to the wall I got called a 💋 and was told j am useless I managed to run away my grandad was watching me and started to chase after me I screamed and cried I was in pain as my head was bashed against the wall they had been drinking and smocking ever since I went to live there and now I'm in Wales I had to say goodbye to my girlfriend and we'll I live with my other grandparents and I mean I'm nervous as it brings back memories of the abuse
72 days ago
My family hates me BC they don't treat me like my other siblings and when ever I feel hungry at night they punish me
81 days ago
Ever since I was little my parents just keep swearing and yelling at me. And my siblings just yell at me to go away and keeps secrets, honestly I say I like school better than home because my friends are the only place I feel at home with and I can have fun with them without being critiqued ( I hate the weekends and holidays because of my family ). I miss my other family in NZ ( grandma, grandpa,uncles, Aunties, ect…).
96 days ago
I know not my whole family hates me their is just one person that does...and that would be my mom. The other night she came into my room and asked me why I have not took a shower yet and I said because I was doing the dishes, and she thought I had a little attitude with her and started hitting me. That's not all she also started tearing jewelry off of me and I started to cry I mean who wouldn't then I yelled at her to get off of me. That didn't work but she left but then came back with trash bags and started to throw all my stuff away. I kept yelling at her to stop then she pulled my hair and dragged me to a different part of the room and started to tear off my shoes and said you're not getting anything from me ever again. This to me was a very scary time but this inst the first time she has done something like this where she has attacked me but this is that was the last time I was going to let her touch me..Love you guys
99 days ago
So im in class 6 and today I got a certificate from my school for Leadership qualities and my father was like "Good, but that's not a big deal, i would be really happy if u score good in ur final exams although I always get average marks like 70% to 80% ...
100 days ago
@colonel sanders we r kinda alike I barely eat anything cuz girls in this huge popular quotation marks group think I'm fat but everyone else says I'm to skinny I'm super weird but I take advantage of it you could to!!!!!!!! I'm not non binary but I'm lesbian I always feel guilty but remember u slay I also have a the😘 she really helpful
101 days ago
i just want to be called by my real name. ive always been the "weird kid" in every situation. my family thinks it, and so does everyone at school. i hate taking days off from school bc i just want to curl up on my friends chests and cry. my parents hate that im non binary and think all gay people are sataniststic demons. i have 8 days off scholl rn and idk if i can make it. i feel terrible bc im so clingy and touchy with my friends and ik sometimes i make them uncomfortable with how touchy i am and i hate myself for it. anyways im fine enjoy some food or smthn idk what you non-anorexic ppl do for fun
158 days ago
I meant to say nerf, not need
158 days ago
I have just been told by my brother that I am ugly and dad could get rid of me as fast as he bought my brother some new need bullets😟
158 days ago
This quiz more or less said everything I thought it would. My brother gets everything he ever asks for no matter what he does or says. I've been the middle child from 2012, and my mum had another boy in 2021. Nothing changed for my other two siblings that day, but now I have started to notice my parents help at me a lot more and my siblings have started ganging up on me. I tend to cry myself to sleep most nights, knowing that the only person that really cares about me is my school friend. I just found out how much I hate holidays and really just hope the next week goes by fast so I can be back at school.
159 days ago
My family is awesome. I love them very much and I understand how lucky I am. Especially hearing about some of my friends situations. I think I am the toxic one. I don't mean to, but I can never say sorry and my entire family bends over backwards to make me happy. I know that I am a hard person to love, I always have been. Some of my family members and old friends have given up on me because I am so impossible. I wish that I could change myself to be less like me, I have multible mental disorders and have been the source of drama in my family for my entire life. I know it's stupid and that my family loves me so much, but sometimes I wish that I was never born so that they could have an easier life, with a kid that can express their feelings without hurting people. Just weeks ago I threw a remote at my sisters head, maybe 30 minutes ago I woke up the entire house because me and my sister got into an argument about how light the bathroom light is. I starved myself all day a couple days ago because my parents wouldn't buy me chick-fil-a. I've jumped out of a moving car, and run away, and cried about not getting enough christmas presents. Last night I iced out my friends because they were being annoying about me watching a movie trailer. I refused to apologise to my sister yesterday after accidentally hitting her with a doll. My parents have to treat me like a child, because I act like a child. Not to mention that I'm a teenager and still play with baby dolls on a daily basis. My mom said that she was genuinly consurned because only sociopaths can't apologise. They still love me, and support me so much. Idk what to do. I feel like such a horrible burden, like God cursed my parents with me. I wish they could see how much I truly love them and respect them. I wish I could express any sort of positive emotion at all.
246 days ago
my result is
''I hate to say it, but in my opinion, it does seem like you are not the family favorite.

If this makes you feel very bad and/or negatively affects your life, please seek support from sympathetic people outside of your home. A school counselor or minister could be a good place to start. You do not have to put up with mental or physical abuse. Good luck!'' L WOULD JUST RUN AWAY
291 days ago
My family is very abusive. If I got an A+, and my brother got an F-, my parents would tell him good job but try a little bit more harder and then when they see my grade they yell at me to study. Once my little brother cracked my tablet and it didn’t work anymore and I told my parents, my mom said that I threw it from anger. Sometimes I think that only my BFF cares about me. She is so loving and caring.
293 days ago
My family is next level of toxic. I never feel im truly lover by any of them, maybe when i was 5 but not after I grow up.
I'm so sad more then angry and I'm don't have anyone to talk to so I'm writing it here.
I'm always wrong nothing i do is enough compared to my siblings.
Even when i do something that makes me happy not much just like buying something new
Or going out with friends they spoiled for me make me feel worthless of happiness.
I'm a good daughter truly.cant explain they treat me like that.
I feel hated, they never want my company or include me in conversation.
I feel like a stranger to them.i remember this day till the day i die,my parents was separated for a year wen i was like 17. And i have been having arguments with my mother that i live with so at night she pact my clothes in a back and at early in morning she kicked me out. So I'm a 17 girl sitting in bus station alone scared and waiting till time come so i can go the school.
Even after everything i still Loved them through all the neglected and arguments...
But i can't anymore.
This just a little piece pf my life abd I'm doing everything in my power to get out. So im a proud engineering students and doing well so one day i can get far far away from all of this and find the love that ikno i deserve.
295 days ago
I know that my younger sister has held a grudge against me. I want a friendly life honestly. I get hurt from keeping them safe.
319 days ago
My family hates me because I'm being me.They find fault in everything I do. I'm always the BAD CHILD. They always take me for granted, and doesn't take me serious.They always make fun of me anytime I open my mouth to talk which has caused me depressed.
341 days ago
to be honest idk who give parents the audacity to do this to there kids just be patient till we can move out
372 days ago
My whole family is so hateful, jealous, and mentally ill...I have nothing good to say about any of them. They can all🦄a hard boiled egg for all I care. I have stopped trying to contact them and be nice when I get not one nice response. FK you all
380 days ago
my mom and dad throw me against walls and the sides of walls and they slap me hit me and everyday yell at me im just tired of it they said that if i do something about it i just wont have a life either i told my friends and stuff and they suggest a lot but idk anymore sometimes i just wanna run away and never be seen again.
383 days ago
my auntie is mean to me when i watch tv even though its not time for zoom yet she thinks that its time for my zoom even though it's just 10:36 and i told her so many times my zoom starts at 11:15! and when she see's my bff from church she is nice and she hurt's me when she thinks that is is time for my freaking zoom. i wish she was more nicer and i am hiding my inside my inside is sad but my outside is happy . and my family does not know about her hey think she is always nice bluh bluh bluh... i wish she was never my auntie