Do My Mom/Dad/Siblings Abuse Me?💣

So, you're worried a family member or members might be abusing you (this could be physically or emotionally). Well, take this parental emotional abuse test to find out if your suspicions are correct. It will tell the truth and ONLY the truth, I promise. I really hope you're not being abused, but if you suspect you are, you probably have some basis for worrying, and action needs to be taken.

  • 1
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
  • 2
    Do they (or does he or she) blame you for something you didn't do, knowing you didn't do it, and just did it for amusement?
  • 3
    Do they (or does he or she) ignore you even when they're in a good mood?

  • 4
    Do you ever get scared to say "no" to them, and only them?
  • 5
    Do they (or does he or she) ever forget all about you, or not care about your safety, or know you're in trouble but do nothing about it - even laugh?
  • 6
    Do they (or does he or she) ever threaten to hurt you physically, or even do so for no reason?

  • 7
    Do they (or does he or she) ever humiliate you in public?
  • 8
    Do they (or does he or she) ever control your behavior, or try to? And hurt you if you don't do whatever it is?
  • 9
    Do they (or does he or she) they try to manipulate you to forgive them when they did something REALLY bad to you?
  • 10
    Do they expect you to do EVERY LITTLE THING for them? (In other words, for you to be their servant?)

    (Last question of this 'Was I abused?' test)

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5 days ago
i know its abuse cuz now i have literal trauma responses and flinch whenever anyone gets close to me especially when theyre upset. and i told my mother this but she said in a joking way "yes i beat you all day, every day" in order to minimize the damage and make it seem less than it is. i had a fight over this and i ran away for a bit but returned and i checked to see if she perhaps was angry in the moment and changed her mind and is ready to apologize. but NO she started screaming at me for escaping because i felt like she was going to hit me or something and she was constantly calling me names and insulting me and minimizing the abuse. in fact she blamed ME and said i "make her do it" and "what else am i supposed to do" and i said it just like this: "💗? perhaps DONT hit ur literal child? you wouldnt do the same to a coworker, would you? so treat me like a human and not like a 💗 dog." more blaming and gaslighting. has been over a week and nothing close to a 💗 apology. and then the woman wonders why i suffer from so many emotional problems, like, 💗, YOURE the reason, realize that for once and stop 💗 denying.
166 days ago
She comes into the basement and harasses me and I want her to stay out of the basement. Stop talking to me no longer come in the basement stay out of the basement.
185 days ago
Same person down below my sibling does not have the right to hit me. Same with me.
185 days ago
My sibling doesn't abuse me. Well it said I lead a healthy relationship.
237 days ago
I am the last of 6 kids. mom lost three before me, so there is an age gap of 10 years with my primary abuser and 5 years with secondary.

what i want to share with you is the result of alienation that began in childhood. mom said it would pass when i got older. it did not. i am 65 years old and have
no contact with any siblings because they are not interested in being my family.

it is the source of great shame for me to reveal this to anyone. although i am as powerless today as i was as a child, and have done nothing to anyone, i am treated with suspicion, because of slanderous lies of my abusers that have endured a lifetime.

confront being left out early on and demand inclusion, even if they resist.
keep your seat at the table or risk looking back at a life with no calls on birthdays or holidays, no wedding invitations, and not notifying you when there is a death.

this began with a ten year old little girl hurting the baby and getting away with it
by convincing rational adults that a baby was hurting itself for the attention, then slandering the younger one at every turn for decades.....and it worked....still.
243 days ago
I committed suicide three times in my life , they all didn’t work and I was scared she finds out
243 days ago
She doesn’t even admit she’s wrong or even apologize after beating me up
263 days ago
This test is very inaccurate. Most answers don’t fit, and in the end I got “nothing serious even though my mom is the reason I want to hurt myself. She verbally abused me, is a narcissist and has hit me and I once recorded it, she made me delete by threatening me, yelling at me, and trying to hurt me.
264 days ago
i know my problem isnt near as bad as others, but its still really… idk negative ig?? Idk what word to use. I have been beat up a few times by my parents, but very rarely do i get physically abused or hit in some way. Im mostly verbally abused and i know sometimes verbal abuse doesnt sound like much, but it can be almost as bad as physical tbh. My parents expect SO much of me and push me and my sister SO much, they dont see how they are affecting us mentally. when we get low grades in school, we are always told that we didnt work hard enough, why cant we do better, we will never get to where we want in life, etc. I know it may not sound like much, but believe me, no matter how much we try, we can hardly ever please them, its just so hard bc we want to make them happy, but we often end up ‘failing’ them, n we end up feeling stupid and just worthless its very upsetting and my mental health has been so bad, wont be surprised my sister’s is worse than mine. Worse thing is, our parents dont believe in mental health, they think its just an overrated term used to describe sadness but its so much more than that.
270 days ago
Hi I'm a 14 year old girl and I just really wanted someone to tell me if what I'm going through is really serious or not. So I have 2 younger brothers and since they have gotten bigger and stronger than me they think they can do whatever they want. They also think that violence will solve everything. They have no idea what personal space is so they barge into my room and stare at me and threaten me whenever I'm on my computer(they don't have one and they're jealous I have my own). They're saying they're "monitering/making sure" I'm going on my computer for a limited amount of time. Im really scared because whenever I do something wrong they throw something at me. (Like containers, lotion bottles, books, etc. ) They also they threaten to hit me/kick me. I'm always crying because I don't know what to do, and since they're still my siblings at the end of the day I still love them. When I was younger(around 7) they sexually harassed me and my mom didn't even care and said that's just "normal". I've talked to my mom about them threatening to physically abuse me but she can't do anything because they're stronger than her too. My dad's away most of the time because of work and he's the only one that can make my brothers stay calm. I don't know what to do and I'm so scared. I don't know if calling someone to help will actually help with this situation either. Im getting really anxious and depressed because of this too. Please tell me what to do.
328 days ago
I think my father is abusing my little sister(9) and me(14), I’m not sure if I’m just over dramatic. He often insults my sister, for example when she couldn’t find her hair brush, he yelled at her and said he looks like a homeless person and that she does everything that she can to anger him. His personality is really terrible and narcissistic. He threatened me that if I eat something from lunch in the afternoon that he would beat me. I don’t know when the last time was when I didn’t cry. After he insulted us he often gave us money or food but we never get a apology from him. I think he doesn’t even notice that we cry because of him and not of the thing we’ve done. I remember one time he chocked my little sister when she was 4 because she didn’t want to go to kindergarten. I’m afraid to make mistakes or show my parents my bad grades. He lets us feel dumb and unloved even though he was the one that left school with 15 years and can’t do 3 grade math. He can’t even use the excuse that his parents abused him or something like that because he got treated like a prince. My two older siblings moved out and don’t have any contact with him anymore. Only when my mother is at home he is a bit better because she would yell at him.
366 days ago
my parents abuse me everyday like to the point i bleed, my mom herself is going thru a lot she suffer with anxiety and maniac pyhcosis , idk if she does it on purpose or intentionally but when i don't listen to her or speak back even for the smallest reason she'll hit me give me cuts on my body till the point blood flows down and yes my dad lives with us he doesn't say anything he took my phone my device everything like it's been 4 months cause he found out i was talking to some online friends keep it mind i'm 17 i don't have friends i'm not allowed to go out or talk to anyone outside my house there is this girl at my rent house i talk to her sometimes and now i guess i won't be able to cause my mom found out about it , my mom she has a blade she cuts me with even sometimes rounder or kitchen knife and rubs against my skin i don't think i can make it out a lot of people ask me about the marks on my hand knee and thigs i just say i fell over some t💋 bushes and it's too obvious that it's intentional harm , i'm tired everyday just gets worst i have a feeling i wont be here for long i can't do anything about it
371 days ago
I might not get abused physically but I do get abused emotionally. Everyday when I get home my step-dad starts calling me fat, dark, demonic, a brat, and an as$whole.......I end up crying every night because he has to let his kids get their way...
381 days ago
I have been abused by my 3 brothers since birth, I am 12 now. They beat me up on a daily basis and I have been in the hospital many times. I have NEVER gone one day without crying. My parents just say "keep away from them". Where exactly am I supposed to go? I have run away 3 times but always get sent back. I hate them so much I wish they would all die a slow painful death. I hate my parents for not doing anyting.
387 days ago
This is just a collection of things that happened to me. I have to beg for forgiveness when I do something wrong. It's not as bad as my sister who had to get on her knees and cry because my father believed his crazy mother over his children. My grandma (father's mother) would make up lies of my sister, mother and I which would result in him yelling at us. In 2021 my grandpa got dementia and was diagnosed with bipolar and alzheimer's. He would yell and freak out. My sister told me after he died she would tell me to cover up because he made weird comments about her when she was like 5. On jan 8 was my birthday and it made me realize how sad my life is. (self pity but whatever). My family does this for everyone's birthday where they made the person their profile picture and only my mother did it. It hurt because they do for everyone else. Also my aunts and cousins forgot to call and I had to hide while they called today because my father would freak out. I🍦at making friends and even with own family members I can feel conversations die out when they talk to me. I got my wish of not being noticed but it feels like my existence has no meaning because i contribute nothing of value to anyone. I am too scared to kill myself but living is a dread now. I have no dreams or thoughts for the future. I can't look my own family in the face. I also feel like an 🍦 because i have a language barrier with all the adults in my family. I am teased constantly and told I don't try. My mother tries her best but she ends up guilt tripping me. No one in my family is truly happy and I feel I can't have anyone in my life because I will continue the cycle of abuse.
416 days ago
my mom and my brother slap my face pull my hair. One time she even spatchula and started hitting me and saying that "I should jump of a cliff" or "I should drown in a pond" While my brother makes my life like hell. When I talk to him he swears at me hit me punch me. My mom's favourite is my brother whenever he gets good marks she tells her whole family and when I get good marks she doesn't say anything. When my brother hits me she doesn't say anything. and when I confront my self I get more slaped. And my dad doesn't care. I also have depression. The only reason I am here is because of my cousin and my grandma. If they weren't here I would have died.
429 days ago
This test was interesting, but not very accurate. See my father was not an evil man, but if you did something wrong it was like the hand of god coming down on you. I was horrified of him for a long time. I have been dragged up the stairs by my shirt over a miss communication. Picked up, pinned to a wall as told that he brought me in and he can take me out. Beat me with belts, flyswatter until it just became a wire. My mother through my computer chair through my wall. I don’t have any good memories, it was bearings and trying to fly under there radar. These weren’t average “spankings” these were pretty brutal. Also, did I mention I have a sever anxiety disorder they though was ADD and had me in stimulants until I have a mental breakdown. I didn’t want to take that medication. Turns out I have a sever panic disorder that mimicked ADD. I’m in crisis now and I’m 28 lol I was screamed at all the time, problem was I was told I was loved, but it never felt like it.
432 days ago
my dad tried to hit my sibling infront of me when I was 12..I am 13 now I hate him and he expects me to do everything for him he even hurt my mother once I hate him forever I see him every second weekend and I am terrified of him the test only says minor abuse because I can't spread all my hate on a test I have been trying to hint it out to my the🕊 and she doesn't ever understand it I can't tell her she might call the police and they'll run off and blame my mother again, my mother always stresses me out since she understands everything about me and the situation but she is also to scared to tell anyone I once vented to someone online and they told me to move somewhere else
my father chose his mother who hits her husband and she hurt my mother and hit her and framed her to the police, she calls me her little angel and tells me not to follow society and to quit being who I am and be who she wants me to be I don't like her and my father sided with her, she didn't get introuble with the police my mother almost did and she is to scared to dial I am 13 I keep on running away from friendships cause I can't handle having multiple toxic relationships I can't do any of it anymore I wanna run away but I have so much to stay for...
I don't know much about these comments but I hope everyone is safe
438 days ago
cps is coming to my house soon for an investigation :/ i hope everyone in the comments finds a good home. stay safe
446 days ago
My mom called my mouth ¨ugly¨ before.