Do My Mom/Dad/Siblings Abuse Me?

So, you're worried a family member or members might be abusing you (this could be physically or emotionally). Well, take this quiz to find out if your suspicions are correct. It will tell the truth and ONLY the truth, I promise. I really hope you're not being abused, but if you suspect you are, you probably have some basis for worrying, and action needs to be taken.:(

  • 1
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
  • 2
    Do they (or does he or she) blame you for something you didn't do, knowing you didn't do it, and just did it for amusement?
  • 3
    Do they (or does he or she) ignore you even when they're in a good mood?

  • 4
    Do you ever get scared to say "no" to them, and only them?
  • 5
    Do they (or does he or she) ever forget all about you, or not care about your safety, or know you're in trouble but do nothing about it - even laugh?
  • 6
    Do they (or does he or she) ever threaten to hurt you physically, or even do so for no reason?

  • 7
    Do they (or does he or she) ever humiliate you in public?
  • 8
    Do they (or does he or she) ever control your behavior, or try to? And hurt you if you don't do whatever it is?
  • 9
    Do they (or does he or she) they try to manipulate you to forgive them when they did something REALLY bad to you?
  • 10
    Do they expect you to do EVERY LITTLE THING for them? (In other words, for you to be their servant?)

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My parents are very abusive and I want to runaway with my sister.She also sometimes get beaten but I get beaten most of the time.I am gonna be 13.My parents shout at me, always compare me with others and beat me with slippers 🥿 ,slap me and even beat me with a mop stick.My mom is forcing me to learn all the housework now and my dad force me to study it’s a must for me to get straight A’s in exams or else I would get beaten.My parents don’t love me or my sister they just love my other 2 siblings.They tell my sister she must be a teacher when she grow up and marry our cousin and I must be a doctor or engineer and marry my other cousin but that’s not what we want.They have kicked us out of the house 4 times so we had to stay out of the house for like half a hour or one.They also slapped me today.I am going through a depression.I wanna kill my self or runaway. I hate my life I always think why god gave me such a bad life.My parents don’t even support me in our dream job.They say to me and my sister to die go in hell.I am very scared so I don’t call for help.
2 days ago
So my parents was hiting me Whit a stick a thick one. I would brake it In the night but my mom would hit me harder. Its like In her country they hit theyre children when they do something stupid or wrong.. My dad once hit me for losing the remote, and. My other sibilings. It started like 5years old To 9-10 i dont really remember because im being controlled by them, some times even 5hey choose What i wear, like Pink, Red, purple. I dont really like those colours. I like To. Wear comfy clothes Hoodies, thick shirt, long sleaves.. Etc. If i wear them they Will humilliate me.. My dad once made food and he gave it To my Lil Brother To taste it was discousting, he called me To taste but i Didint so he cursed at me like, "GO TO. HELL!!" "YOU NEVER F** LISTEN TO ME!!!" IT gave me a fear of taking In puglic and a fear of screaming. Im 11 now and i have never told enyone, i get controlled by What i wear and What kind of friends i can have. I cant have LGBTQ, friends or Who like them, but i love it i evven watch the Dream smp that is LGBTQ i dont care What they say i watch what i want and like. I made the flag and they told me To burn it!
I wonce got an internet boyfriend and he was a cheater.. And i tryed a girl it went better! But we broke UP because she was abusive and she called me names. I really have a bad life. Do i?
I got my first friends but they were fake they used me, thats when i got depresed and anxinous. I have TRUST issues and i cant really meet New People.. Im shaking everyday at school but noone noticed thats a Good thing ^^ im Bisexual and my parents dont know i dont think that they willl acept but im prepared..
I had a nightmare about getting💋d, now i have a fear of TALL Men.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my life.
2 days ago
I don't know what to do anymore. I'm at you young age (13+), and my family has some tragic history that affected me; I had an uncle that stabbed his girlfriend's own son. We separated from that half of the family for years, until my grandmother died of Cancer about a year ago. I have ADHD and I have depression, I tried to cut myself a few months ago, but my parents screamed at me saying, "ARE YOU INSANE?" "DO THAT ONE MORE 👮 TIME AND I'LL SEND YOU TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL." "ITS BECAUSE OF YOUR PHONE, I'LL SMASH IT." finally, they said "Don't ever tell ANYONE this or I'll make sure you're in a lot of trouble." That's when I gained trauma from them and got a fear of yelling and them even hugging me. A few weeks ago my mother grabbed me and screamed in my face because I lost 1 THING, and I was crying because of how much I was scared of yelling. I had to go over someone's house, so I stopped crying and pretended everything was fine. I have an eating problem, so I barely ever eat. My mom said to me yesterday, "You better eat that or I'll embarrass you in front of our guest."
She's always that type of parent to compare you and say how much of a horrible family she has and why it can't be normal, wishing she had another kid that was better then me, saying I'm nothing without her saying it indirectly.
But she tries to be nice to me sometimes, am I the problem? I don't know what to do.
4 days ago
I’m so glad that I did this quiz. Just by today, my mom forced me to wear clothes to look like a “girl”. She doesn’t want me to be myself and she’s trying to ruin that characteristic. It’s hard for me to do these things and try to confess her that I don’t like it. She doesn’t understand it at all. Plus, I feel to believe that she may be homophobic as well. I tried to open up to her about how I’m gay but she doesn’t seem to be pleased with it. I wish that someone raised me to let me be myself and be supportive of me no matter who I am. I do enough for her to make her feel appreciative of me and I feel like I’m being held hostage because of her.
5 days ago
Laura I totally get you same with my mom
10 days ago
laura get tf out of that house -_-
10 days ago
Do My Mom/Dad/Siblings Abuse Me?
So, are you being abused, or is it something less sinister? Well, I guess this relationship with your loved ones is a bit extra, but it's nothing serious. I would suggest just letting things go if they're not getting out of hand. But mark my words, if they do anything serious to you for no reason, then stand up for yourself or call the police.
10 days ago
well, this test says that iT'S nOtHiNG sEriOuS, but i'm scared and anxious when i'm home. i almost start to get anxious when i hear my dads footsteps. he always yells at me and makes my life living hell. both of my parents are controllive, and my dad often manipulates me. idk, living here just sucks.
10 days ago
13 days ago
Its hard because i am often very sad/scared in my household but whenever i tell someone about my brother, they just say "its what siblings do" or with my mum its always my fault when i tell people. I'm always the one in the wrong. I'm always in the blame. my dad used to severely neglect me, but my mum only does it moderately i guess. just stuff like leaving my trapped in my room all freaking day, not giving me dinner stuff like that. so basically, its hard
15 days ago
Three words: Call the police. Trust me, your family is getting close to killing you! I'm seriously telling you, you HAVE to do something. Please - program the police's phone number and numbers of friends who could help you in a crisis into your phone right now. Stay safe and good luck. And btw, you don't deserve this, not for a minute.
17 days ago
Ahaha I meant p.s sorry
17 days ago
Hi I just wanted to come on here and say thanks to wild because I’ve read some of these comments and people go through a lot and your trying to help them in a really good way because many of them are scared to get help and the fact that your writing trying to help these people is amazing so thank you

P.a I’m on of the people you helped
19 days ago
Hey! I’ll be 14 on March 26th and as of now I’m scared. My mom and dad always fought when they were married and after they were done they would blame it on me somehow and I would get punished. The punishments were either a spank or I would have to clean the kitchen(ages like 5 to 8). When I got older they divorced and it got bad. My dad has tried to kill me about 4 times, he’s tried to set my room on fire run me over drown me and almost stabbed me once. I now live with my mom permanently and she might be worse at least it feels like it my mom likes to beat me she says she doesn’t but she smiles when she does she would just slap me before but then she started pulling my hair shoving my face into concrete in the back yard sipping me with chords putting my face into the sink while the grinder is on kicking my hitting my eyes with stuff and some other stuff. I’m clumsy and it’s not helpful I also forget things sometimes like today I forgot to lock her bedroom door when she went to do her hair (my two aunts are here) and I went to give her something because she was down the street and when we came back together she went up and yelled at me a little I went down stairs and then her phone went off I brought her phone up and asked where I should put some change she had given me to hold she corners me and then got a mettle thing I don’t even remember and started hitting my head with it then she dropped it and picked up some nail polish remover bottle and started hitting me with it unfortunately I was lucky to just get that. I’m scared of them and I’ve tried to tell but it just got worse because they told her and she had a way of hiding it I guess. I started cutting myself when I was 10 and I told her when I was 12 thinking she would help me but she told me to kill myself and she wouldn’t care. I’ve been bulimic since I was 8 years old because since then she’s told me that I was fat and to throw up after big meals I became a custom to that so yeah. I stopped eating it’s not like I don’t want to eat I just can’t. I had only one thing that helped me feel happier and that was my dog about a month ago I was sitting in my room and my dad knocks on the door and she gives him my dog. Three days later I have an hour to pack and we’re on our way to Senegal because she needs a break. Oh and did I mention I found out three months ago she was pregnant. With her boyfriends baby who’s parants and him are racist towards mixed people aka me and the baby. Two days ago he said he wanted to have nothing to do with her (the baby). My mom grew up in a bad situation to her father died when she was six and her grandmother died a little later her mom was abusive and people tried to😻 her a lot she got pregnant at 14 and the baby died. I have no idea what to do and I’m tired of all this I can’t leave the baby though because she’s gotten worse and I can’t do that to the baby we’re half sisters but we’re still sisters I’m scared for her and for me.
20 days ago
It said my family wasnt that bad to me. TELL THAT TO MY NECK! I was just laying in my bed, then my brother kicked me in the neck.
23 days ago
My father says that he hopes i get attacked while walking and tries to justify it by saying he was upset when he said that but not even say sorry.
26 days ago
sorry as i was saying ..
she has also hit me and i cant stad being in the same room as her
26 days ago
sorry as i was saying ..
she will not give me the bonderys that i need. she is a 🍦... And i did try to run away so close. well i wish one of us where dead... i would rather be dead that to like with her i am 12 and i need help
Wild help ME TOO!!!!!!!!!
26 days ago
i am adopted and i hate hate my family... they dont understand me and they are really mean.. the let theirkid (adoptive sister ) do anything!!!! they say they love me but they dont.. i think that im like their sevent or somthing... like im downstairs playing the piano (my fav thing to do ) and my sock is hanging out of my laundry bascit she will yell at me to get my dirty little as* into the room.... so i go upstairs to do that. uggg then she will snop in my room and everything
28 days ago
Please don't harm yourselves.
Please don't run away.
Please don't kill yourself.
Try to stand up for yourself.
Pray for help.
Find people to help you.
Ignore how people treat you because you're all amazing.
Ignore the negative things they say. They're just jealous of how awesome you are, so don't go hating yourself over it.
If you are physically abused then try thinking of something happy. See if it gives you less pain. Know that you're stronger. Nobody's perfect.
God is there to help you.
I come on here to try.
My life isn't perfect either.
I've been through many things.
But it doesn't mean I'm abused.
I hate when people are hurt for no reason.
But ik your lives will be way better on day.
And the ones that hurt you may go through things too.

Hope you guys have a great day. See ya in about a week.
-wild 💚