Do My Mom/Dad/Siblings Abuse Me?💣

So, you're worried a family member or members might be abusing you (this could be physically or emotionally). Well, take this parental emotional abuse test to find out if your suspicions are correct. It will tell the truth and ONLY the truth, I promise. I really hope you're not being abused, but if you suspect you are, you probably have some basis for worrying, and action needs to be taken.

  • 1
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
    Do they (or does he or she) tend to begin an argument for no reason?
  • 2
    Do they (or does he or she) blame you for something you didn't do, knowing you didn't do it, and just did it for amusement?
  • 3
    Do they (or does he or she) ignore you even when they're in a good mood?

  • 4
    Do you ever get scared to say "no" to them, and only them?
  • 5
    Do they (or does he or she) ever forget all about you, or not care about your safety, or know you're in trouble but do nothing about it - even laugh?
  • 6
    Do they (or does he or she) ever threaten to hurt you physically, or even do so for no reason?

  • 7
    Do they (or does he or she) ever humiliate you in public?
  • 8
    Do they (or does he or she) ever control your behavior, or try to? And hurt you if you don't do whatever it is?
  • 9
    Do they (or does he or she) they try to manipulate you to forgive them when they did something REALLY bad to you?
  • 10
    Do they expect you to do EVERY LITTLE THING for them? (In other words, for you to be their servant?)

    (Last question of this 'Was I abused?' test)

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3 days ago
my dad tried to hit my sibling infront of me when I was 12..I am 13 now I hate him and he expects me to do everything for him he even hurt my mother once I hate him forever I see him every second weekend and I am terrified of him the test only says minor abuse because I can't spread all my hate on a test I have been trying to hint it out to my the😍 and she doesn't ever understand it I can't tell her she might call the police and they'll run off and blame my mother again, my mother always stresses me out since she understands everything about me and the situation but she is also to scared to tell anyone I once vented to someone online and they told me to move somewhere else
my father chose his mother who hits her husband and she hurt my mother and hit her and framed her to the police, she calls me her little angel and tells me not to follow society and to quit being who I am and be who she wants me to be I don't like her and my father sided with her, she didn't get introuble with the police my mother almost did and she is to scared to dial I am 13 I keep on running away from friendships cause I can't handle having multiple toxic relationships I can't do any of it anymore I wanna run away but I have so much to stay for...
I don't know much about these comments but I hope everyone is safe
9 days ago
cps is coming to my house soon for an investigation :/ i hope everyone in the comments finds a good home. stay safe
17 days ago
My mom called my mouth ¨ugly¨ before.
22 days ago
Yeah, I got beat the 💝 out a few months ago! I got a black eye and so many marks and my eyes were red and puffy! Just for swearing at my grandma because I was so pissed off! I was only 12 (and still am 12), and we got police involved for my grandma to make up a fake story! I can't do it man, I just can't!
26 days ago
I am being abused... :(. My dad hit me a few minutes ago with a clothing hanger even though I didn't finish my breakfast and he said it was for my own good. I'm only eleven.
47 days ago
I feel hurt inside and out and my results were shocking.
it shows that I'm mentally, physically, and verbally abused.
62 days ago
Hi Liam. I hope you're having a good day too! :)
62 days ago
Hi, I’m omnisexual and transgender (he/they) (11, I know that’s young.) I only live with my mother and I have really bad anxiety and ADHD. As of having those, I don’t take any meds for both of those so I tend to lose track of what’s happening in class or not pay attention. I do not believe I’m being emotionally abused but I do believe in just a little, considering the fact that my mother blames everything on me and if I don’t come home with a load of A’s and B’s (grades) then I’ll most likely get punished and have everything taken away from me (specifically for a whole year.) I’ve done everything I can, I reached out to my friends and they told me to call CPS, but as of having anxiety it’s really hard for me to do so. Losing a home is really scary to me (and also moving.); since I am still so young I don’t know very much of where to go and what to do. I was thinking of taking a quiz (this specific one) even though that’s stupid, it’s the only decision I could find. I’ve been really stressed and my grades are failing really badly.

I hope to whoever is reading this has a good day and I hope you find the help you need!
121 days ago
My older brother is constantly shoving and punching me for no reason the when i tell my parents they say okay then dont do sht about it. My brother is also making snide remarks and rude comments about my weight and looks/style. I also having little siblings and I see my little brother doing it to my little sister and I dont want her to grow up as insecure and messed up as me. When I tell my parents they dont do anything but when i try to make him stop i get in trouble so I dont know what to do...
132 days ago
This isn’t worth it.
133 days ago
hi 14 biesexual here i am girl for the past year i have been going through physical and emotional abuse by my mom and its been like 12 years imagine living like this ugh ....i really hope that i can run way but i cant i a minor and i have no money bruh tough life ig....i hope that i become successful in future so that i can live alone without my family who is toxic asf and tbh i tried killing myself so they threatened me to send to jail yeah cant even die peacefully
155 days ago
I usually get beat up by my parents. I know it says to call the police or do something but I'm Not allowed to have a phone call. Plus I have to always fake my emotions with everyone plastering a fake smile on my face. Plus trying to cover where I got hurt from my parents. Even my younger brother hurts me. I have no idea what to do. Anyone else have an idea of what to do?
158 days ago
I got “healthy relationship” the results are honestly disappointing. She tries to make me an extrovert, yells and sometimes hits my sister with ADHD when she doesn’t concentrate, shames me for being a picky eater, makes me feel like absolute 💑.
180 days ago
A little unsure. I often didn't know how to answer. I can't tell if my mom is abusive or if I'm really spoiled. I have autism and depression, but that really shouldn't excuse my behavior (laziness, being two faced, expecting happiness) but my mom is kind of like this too (two faced, expecting happiness, not letting in other sides of the story) but she's also physically disabled and often in pain, so I don't know who's at fault! I don't like it when she gets upset, but I don't want her gone, because she's also really nice sometimes. Unless I take about my problems. So who's at fault? Me or my mom? I need advice.
182 days ago
12 year old. TELL CPS EVERY THING. Your mom is scared, but your family needs help.
187 days ago
12 year old bisexual non-binary here. I reported my dad to CPS a month or so ago to my teacher who then told CPS. He threw a table at me when I was little, didn't hurt me, but broke. He drinks a lot of alochol and screamed at me and broke my door down because I wouldn't get into the car with him right after he drank a drink. He fights with my mom and has kicked and pushed her, and almost pushed her down 20 cement stairs. We all went into his car one day to go to the park, and he was accused of having other people in his car with him by my mom, and he is a big narcissit and got upset and started screaming at her "fk off!" "shut the fk up!" "fk you!" and he started driving faster, and then I started crying and he made fun of crying and once we got to the park, my mom told me to "shut the fk up, you're only making everything worse. stop crying!" and then I ran off about a half mile from the family when they weren't looking and hid behind a tree and cried. They found me 20 minutes later, and I didn't feel safe from then on. I came out as non-binary and bisexual a week ago or so to my family and my mom was super supportive and amazing, but my dad started whining about how he needed me to be his little girl forever. He ghosted me for about a day and then now he gets mad at everything I say and he never listens to me, and he loved me more when I was a straight cis girl.
So I told my favorite and loving teacher about everything, and I didn't know CPS would be ąlerted, but she had to tell. Now, a month later, my mom comes into my room crying about how my sisters and I are going to have to zoom with CPS this afternoon.
I'm really scared. I've never met with government people before and I'm scared. My mom told me not to tell them anything that could get us removed from her custody or my dad taken away. I don't know if I should lie and listen to my mom, or tell the truth and save me and my sisters lives.
I also told my best friends, and my mom got really mad at me for telling one of my friends because she doesn't like her and said that she has a "fat-as mouth" and I am feeling bad because this girl is one of my most trusted friends, but my mom hates her and I don't know what to do about that.
I also have been trying to be super postivie and self-loving lately, but it's hard when my surroundings are toxic. I used to have serious depression so I've been trying to become happier, and it's been working, but this is just making me so scared and I feel so bad for telling. I have anixety, PTSD, and OCD, and this is just making me so anxious and triggering a lot of bad memories. I am scared I'll end up spilling something that my mom will be mad at me for saying and then she'll hate me.
What should I do this afternoon? How should I act? Currently wearing pajamas and a robe right now lol, should I dress up? How should I talk? Does anyone have any experince with CPS investigations?
200 days ago
I wanna run away but I'm a minor, it just 🐤 hurts living here. its so normalized in Hispanic culture which pisses me off. I feel like I'm dying.
204 days ago
When my parents are mentally abusive my life is a living hell
206 days ago
i dont know if i need help i go to therap[y, but whenever i go, my mom comes with me, and makes me not say anything bad about her shes also tried to commit suicide once with me and my brothe rin her car Im worried but too scared to call the cops.....
225 days ago
But I thought it was normal for a pilipino household to be like this. Ummm....