Your First Daughter (Girls Only) — Full Biography

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Have you ever wondered what your first daughter will be like? Will she be shy or bold, rebellious or a by-the-rules type of gal, funny or serious? Find out here!

***Results are not meant to be accurate, and this quiz is only for entertainment purposes***

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    Hello! Thank you for taking this quiz! First of all, which name do you like best?
    Hello! Thank you for taking this quiz! First of all, which name do you like best?

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57 days ago
I liked this quiz it was a wonderful quiz
160 days ago

Aww, thanks!
176 days ago
I liked this quiz a lot. Thank you!
178 days ago

I'm glad you liked it!
193 days ago
this is cool i got cira so great thanks
202 days ago
Hope you like your results!
203 days ago
I got 30, 30 and 30% cura saige and Ellia
204 days ago
Love this quiz! I got Grace and she's perfect for me!
209 days ago
I mean, I "hope" you like her!
209 days ago

I hoped you liked her!
209 days ago
i got alex she low key sounds like me lmao
211 days ago
I'm sorry to offend...I didn't mean to.
211 days ago
eww sorry but i HATE the name saige and u never concidered "other" what if ur lesbian huh what if u dont like those names huh what if the child wants a diff job HUH
211 days ago
Aww, thank you everyone! I love your comments!
214 days ago
I got saige
215 days ago
I got Ellia.I had chosen your name Cira!!! Thanks for makin this,it's sooooo cute
218 days ago
I got Alex. Best quiz ever.. she's just like me :)
219 days ago
I got Saige!Interesting quiz though…
221 days ago
I absolutely love this quiz! Please make more like this!! I got Grace and I absolutely love that name!! Please make more!!!
232 days ago
I got Ellia! So sweet! I love this quiz! Thank you, Cira!