What Kind Of Mother Will I Be?

Are you thinking about having kids, but you're not sure you're the "motherly" type? A lot of females have this question - which is good to examine because motherhood is a huge consideration. This quiz will help you decide if you should add it to your resume/CV!

  • 1
    How do you feel about babies?
    How do you feel about babies?
  • 2
    Wait - let's go back a few steps. How do you feel about pregnancy?
  • 3
    And the next step: giving birth? How does the idea of that make you feel?

  • 4
    So the baby's been born. How would you feel about life at this stage?
  • 5
    Little toddler! What does this suggest?
  • 6
    First day of school! How do you respond?

  • 7
    Those teenage years! How will you deal with them?
  • 8
    Oh, hey, the father up and ditched you. What do you do?
  • 9
    Let's try a scenario. Imagine you're on the phone with a very important client when your child runs up to you with a bloody nose. What do you do?
  • 10
    Final question! What are your reasons for having children?

Comments (34)


60 days ago
tbh I will be an amazing mother since I have been through thing in my life and I'm sure I will be able to help my child go through what I have been through oh and it say I will be a caring mother or will throw my kids of a building (I hope I don't do that)
152 days ago
Scared of pain It hurts, like skin tearing bad! But when its over (In a few mins) you'll have an adorable newborn! Soo cute!!!!!!!!!
279 days ago
I love kids and really want to be a mum when i am older ( i am 13) but i have this MASSIVE phobia of pain, also my best friend is pregnant (no she is not a hoe and has been with the father for 7 years) and she is terrified of the pain too does anyone have a advice also my bff says do c- sections hurt if needed?
305 days ago
this test opened my mind to the possiblilty that I am probably never gonna be a mom.
344 days ago
love kids so much they are cute
449 days ago
Am just 17 but i feel that being mom is the most beautiful thing that a girl can experience...and ur child calling u mammmmmmaaa.... Wow am so excited to become a future mummm...!!!thank u for this quizzz...it's truely adorable....
463 days ago
I love them they are so sweet I'll do anything for the
463 days ago
I hope I'll be a perfect mother I love babies.
488 days ago
jade me and u are both whores..
562 days ago
I'm 16 girl pregnant
565 days ago
I liked doing the test it was really good fun but I'm only 8 I didn't under stand 1 or 2 questions thank you so much
860 days ago
The questions are ok but some of the answers are horrible
885 days ago
@ Haily, dont worry, I am sure you are going to be a great mom. Just dont give up. I got the same rating. Basically, I probably only should of had one child. Out of 3, two are grown and hate me. I have not idea what went wrong. Maybe I should ask Dr. Phil,. They were kinda little brats in the first place. But my youngest and I get along great. Thank God!!
979 days ago
GREAT! I love children. Adorable!
991 days ago
40% You are sensible about the hardships of childcare, but it's probably safe to go ahead. You're a caring person who would raise a child in a positive environment. Go ahead, you have my permission!
995 days ago
Ye boy! Every text I take says I’m the COOL MUM!! yaya
1054 days ago
For 40 % you are: You don't sound too enthusiastic. Bringing a baby into the world is probably something to think carefully about, because you're pretty much stuck with it for the rest of its life. Maybe you should wait a little while and weigh your options. --

Oh great, I'm currently 8 months pregnant right now with my first child! What a confidence boost haha
1061 days ago
For 40%, you are the sort of mother to lock their kids in the car on a hot summer day. i wouldnt do that, but i cant stand babies lol i just took this test to prove to my friend im not ever having kids. EVER
1070 days ago
For 50 % you are: You will be one of those highly-energetic parents who shows her baby pictures to strangers on the bus. Have lots of children, but please keep your boundless joy to yourself as much as possible.
1099 days ago
It said I have the permission ok I'll get pregnant when I'm 16!!