Do You Have Good Parents?

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Embarking on a quest to gauge the dynamics of your family life, this quiz emerges as a tool, perhaps in the wake of a recent disagreement with your parents—a common occurrence in households across the globe. Yet, the frequency of such events does not diminish their significance, nor does it answer the lingering question of where on the spectrum of parental guidance yours might fall. Through a series of insightful questions, this evaluation aims to shed light on the nature of your relationship with your guardians. As conflicts with parents can often lead to a deeper understanding and sometimes to doubts about the quality of parenting received, this quiz offers a moment of reflection. It is a step towards either appreciating the often unacknowledged good in your parental relationships or identifying areas where there might be room for improvement and growth.

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    Do your parents shout when they fight with you?

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132 days ago
I can’t answer most of these questions bc I don’t have both if my parents
222 days ago
I'm sorry But how is who I am closer too about If my parents are good?? This isn't about their behaviour at all
344 days ago
Sorry bout that but I'm sure your mom loves you no mother can abandon or forget her child
426 days ago
When I fight with my mom, she will continue the fight untill I agree she is right. It can take hours and she will redicule me in front of others the following weeks. I don't have an option in the quiz matching that option