Do My Parents Hate Me? Quiz

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At some point, many of us think that our parents hate us. Even though they usually don't, and just want the best for us, that's not always the case. Take this test to find out whether your parents want the best for you or truly hate you.

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    What do they usually say when they see you?
    What do they usually say when they see you?

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218 days ago
I just need to endure for another year and then i can get the 💝 out from this hell hole. My parents are all the same but my dad is way worse. Everything i do is wrong, a mistake and etc. They are the only reason that im suicidal. I just want to get out and be happy , thats it
267 days ago
@Adopted mistake I’m sorry you feel that way. Remember: there are brighter days ahead.
284 days ago
wow my parents really hate me i feel like ending l#fe sometimes
but i tell myself only 5 more years untill im an adult
328 days ago
Do My Parents Hate Me? Quiz
For 50% you are: You probably have some problems with your parents. Sit them down and tell them how you feel. After, or before, that, listen to what they have to say. If they still don't treat you any better, try talking to another adult like a relative, neighbour or family friend.
26% of 2335 quiz participants had this profile!

How am i suppose to talk to then i dont see them they are doing bad things gosh i hate this quiz
334 days ago
My parents absolutely hate me and they're very toxic. Its actually getting more and more difficult to live every passing day but one day alll will be fine. I wish to take this up as a challenge and be successful in life. I'll never treat anybody the way my parents treat me.
375 days ago
Amazing......I got 50 my dad literally hit me on my arm 3 times today and it literally hurt so bad and he yelled at me to go to my room and to not get out of my room they didn't even call me for lunch and I had to go down stairs to get bread and eat it in my room it has actually been like 3 hours ever since my dad hurt me and my arm steel hurts when I touch it and my arm is all red like seriously what did I do so he could hit me like omg......he is so abusive to me and the reason why was because I told my mom that I was standing on the stairs and she might have heard me wrong and might have thought I called her stupid or something but I didn't I even told her I didn't call her that and she didn't let me say what I actually said and she called my dad so I think that's why he hurt me so badly he even said when you get older when I hit you it would be even more painful and im only 11 like seriously I'm only a pre-teen......🥲
407 days ago
i want, no, need to die
430 days ago
nobody loves me so i dont know how i got a 60
433 days ago
well i got 60% i thougnt it would be 100 % hated
452 days ago
I got 70 wow haha lol I thought I would be at least 99.9 percent hated
452 days ago
My parents hate me they say 🍦 like I can't wait until u move got I wish u were never born your so ugly u look like u have a disease god u are a mistake your so fat my older brother 17 yr told me to go kill myself now that I think mabey he's right I hate myself and I wish I was dead it hurts everyday to her and see there faces with honesty when they say 🍦 like this I wish I got covid 19 I wouldn't have to hear this and have to see them and on the plus side I would be dead 🥲 every birthday I wish that one day ide be happy so everyday I have to go to school and act like iam happy that I never cry and my parents are the best and that I don't twont to die I wish osmone would care for me
If anyone knows where to find posion plz let me know 🙏
P.s live a better life people
482 days ago
I hate my family they always treat my brother differently than me. My and my brother pull my hair and slap me and they constantly scream at me. My Dad won’t even care sometimes I want to die. I need help
498 days ago
My dad disses me everyday and purposely tries to make me triggered. When I confront him, my mum yells at me and blames me, as always for everything. They absolutely refuse to think that they're in the wrong for anything and they're so stubborn. Whenever I just use my phone for 5 minutes, they yell at me for nothing
502 days ago
oml danm 40#
502 days ago
Oh..yep I know they hate me
598 days ago
Yay my parents love me 😇
614 days ago
I’m glad my parents love me. I’m sorry to all the people who have mean parents.
620 days ago
I see the comment below mine: made by someone named Anonymous Bean. I might not know you and I might never know, but I just want you to understand there is people out there who love and care for you, even in your darkest times. And yes your father is abusive! Parents aren’t supposed to grab their kids like that. The fact that he makes you hide in your room is awful. I feel bad for you and I hope your situation gets better. Just keep on pushing I know you will get through this
624 days ago
For 40% I have abusive parents and it is not my fault!! Here’s a rant regarding that sentence.

Okay so, it’s kind of (very) obvious my dad hates me. Mom advises me to stay away from him (sometimes). Dad threatens me, yells at me, has grabbed me (He is pretty strong) by the arm, and has made me hide in my room so I don’t have to deal with him. I stock up on things in there so I don’t have to leave that room, and, sometimes, I’m glad the bathroom is only one door over. He causes my anxiety. I worry that everyone hates me when I don’t do anything, that it’s always my fault, and that I’m always gonna fail. There’s more, but I didn’t include. He also caused a part of my depression. It’s not severe, but he makes me angry but scared to confront him. He makes me feel like I’m not good enough, like I’m worthless, and guilt trips me into thinking that I’m being disrespectful or ungrateful. It sucks. He does have his good moments. MOMENTS. But rarely ever. That’s enough about that toe-hat. My mom is pretty nice person most of the time, but she compares me to everything. She has made me wake up an inhumanly early times (I get in bed late because I have to take care of my dog and my small pet which takes a while), and I usually get about 5 hours of sleep because I like to watch a few episodes of a show (about four probably). So I always look tired. Thanks, mom. I also think that this thing has a letter limit so I’m gonna end it here, your problems are probably worse and you need space for people to see it
642 days ago
My parents love me I knew that ❤️💕💕