Is My Future Baby A Boy Or A Girl?

That's easy - the answer is yes! Your future baby WILL be a boy or a girl!:) OK, I'll stop being a smarty-pants! Find out WHICH one your baby will be - a boy or a girl - by taking my quiz now! I guess you must be curious since you're checking out this quiz, correct? ;-)

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    Which of these would you most likely do on a Friday night?
    Which of these would you most likely do on a Friday night?

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14 days ago
every test told me boy and this is the only one telling me girl lol and it didn’t even have many boy questions
45 days ago
Oh girl twins dang it
45 days ago
I got boy and girl twins! The boy's name will be Cody and the girl will be Cameron! I want 4-5 kids!!!!
64 days ago
Ahh Im having boy-girl twins The girl will be name Eirian (ayy-ree-an and the boy will be named Cassian yes ik its unusual but I love it. PERIODT
68 days ago
i agree Sem
82 days ago
such an useless app..bul🌻
119 days ago
girl twins
yassss I've always wanted twins when I'm older i want them to look like me
130 days ago
So will your future baby be a boy, or a girl? Congrats! You're going to be having girl twins! Are you excited, or what?:) Start scoping out clothes and nursery gear! Please share my quiz with your friends who'd love to know what their future baby is going to be!
132 days ago
I will have girl twins! 💖❤️
139 days ago
I'm having a girl yay
139 days ago
i am having girl twins cool
145 days ago
I having boy and girl twins when I am older
159 days ago
I'm having twin girls in the future.😁
175 days ago
im having girl twins :)
184 days ago
i want to have 2 girls and 2 boys to be =
184 days ago
im going to have boy and girl twins yeah when im much older.
201 days ago
I'm going to have boy girl twins!
219 days ago
nonbinary, genderqueer, and gender-nonconforming people exist :)
263 days ago
Girl twins but tbh I was hoping for boy twins
267 days ago
i am going to have girl twins