What Cake Are You?
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What Cake Are You?

From the sugary frosting, to sticky jam, everyone loves cakes! People, like cakes, are different. Which cake are you?

Question 1:When you are getting insulted to tend to...
Go off with your friends.
Wish plagues onto the person.
Go off by yourself to calm done.
Ignore the person.

Question 2:When you get together with your friends on the weekend, you...
Make dolls that look like the jerks at your school and practice some good ol' voodoo.
I don't spend the weekends with my friends.
Watch movies, go shopping and try to forget the jerks at school.
Discuss ways to help the jerks in your school become better people.

Question 3:Out of the following movies, which would you most like to see...
The Princess Diaries, a popular sweet film
Star Wars, a film that lets your imagination fly
The Blair Witch Project, a creepy film
Angels in The Outfield, a touching family film

Question 4:You have always had a secret dream to...
Become a singer.
To event a way to travel through time.
Take over the world.
Bring everlasting peace between all the nations.

Question 5:At school you are the one who...
Sneaked into the teacher's desk to find candy.
Stayed out of trouble.
Was popular.
Was misunderstood.

Question 6:What is the worst thing you would ever do?
Wear unmatching socks.
Tell a few lies for a good cause.
Steal, if you call that bad.
Let someone copy off my test.

Question 7:When it comes to swearing, you...
Never do it!
Only when it's quoting someone else.
Always do it!
Only when it seems right.

Question 8:When you know a classmate did something wrong you...
Ask how he/she did it.
Go straight to you teacher.
Laugh about it with your friends.
Tell the classmate to turn him/herself in.

Question 9:At a party you...
End up drunk even if you’re under age.
Spend your time serving drinks, so the host can enjoy party.
Dance up a storm with anyone who will join you.
Visit with your close friends in a quiet corner.

Question 10:When you’re eating cake at a party you...
Sneak back into line for a second piece, even if it means someone else doesn't get any.
Give your piece to a little kid who didn't get any.
Take one piece and eat it.
Get one kind of cake and get your friend to get the other so you can both try some of each.

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