What Cadbury's Chocolate Are You?
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What Cadbury's Chocolate Are You?

Take the Cadbury Test and find out which chocolate you are.

Question 1:What is your fashion style?
Fashion is just another way of categorising people
Pastels, floaty and lacy!
Like, totally NOW! If it's out, it's outta my wardrobe!
Something that says "Stay away!"
Exotic, bold and daring...

Question 2:How would your friends describe you?
I don't do friends.
Bizarre, but always there when smiles are needed
Intensely sexy, but then, they're all the opposite sex...
Um...pretty regular, I guess.
Trendy, pretty, bubbly; the life and soul of the party!

Question 3:In your spare time you:
Are taken back to your padded cell
Pamper yourself - you've got to look your best!
Do what I feel like at the time.
Do something creative.
Retreat to your inner sanctum to contemplate the meaning of life.

Question 4:You would describe yourself as:
A Sex Goddess! A champion Seductress, Nymph, Vixen, Vamp or anything else to that effect.
Errr...Me. Does that count?
Shy, innocent or quiet.
A Party Queen, Disco Diva or Socialite Extraordinaire!
Loopy. I'm going to play with the dancing Yaks now...

Question 5: On a night out, you can be found:
At the cinema, with my mates
Babysitting for my neighbour, sibling or friend.
On the dance floor at the trendiest nightclub or coolest party in town!
Moshing or stage-diving at an indie, rock or new-metal concert.
At a swanky restaurant, with yet another suitor...

Question 6:And on a night in, you can be found:
Watching "When Harry Met Sally" or similar chick-flicks
Night IN, you're funny!
Sitting in the dark, listening to heavy metal, industrial or techno music.
Trying to climb the walls...
With some mates, in front of the telly, with lots of pizza.

Question 7:Your favourite part of your body is:
My face, of course!
My hair.
My left little toe...it talks to me.
My luscious long legs.
My eyes.

Question 8:How would you best describe your flirting style?
If they touch me, I smash their face in.
The worst chat-up lines ever. Deliberately.
Lip licking, lingering looks and hair flicking.
Always be friends first
I don't need to flirt - they're queuing up for me!

Question 9:What's your favourite type of music?
I Am The Walrus. Over and over.
Something sexy and sensual with a good rhythm. R'n'B.
Top 40.
Garage, House or Jungle
Heavy Metal, New Metal or Industrial.

Question 10:The place you'd most like to visit is:
Paris. The city of Love.
New York.
Somewhere warm.
Milan - think of the shopping!
Never-Never Land or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

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