What Kind of Lindt Chocolate Bar Are YOU?
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What Kind of Lindt Chocolate Bar Are YOU?

Are you Pistachio, Strawberry, Cherry, SemiSweet, or what?

Question 1:When you hear talk of the revolution, what comes to mind first?
The American Civil War
The warring factions in Ireland
The French Revolution and all those rolling heads
Revolution?!! Where can I sign up?? Will they give me a gun? Maybe a big stick?
Remember that you need to make a call to the mercenaries you hired last week.

Question 2:You're on a first date with the person you've been wanting for months. Suddenly the conversation falls silent and that awkward feeling sets in. What do you do?
Ask them to tell you about their family. Hey, can't go wrong there!
Say something like 'My, the weather's been _______.'
Ask them what kind of underwear they've got on.
The conversation never stops with you, you're always happily chattering on!
Ask them what their plans are for the remainder of the evening, heheheheh.

Question 3:when your lover wants to mix it up and bring something edible into the bedroom, what do you ask him/her to bring?
Edible panties
Strawberries to nibble on while basking in the afterglow, did you actually think anybody would use food for anything else???
A bottle of chocolate syrup.
Whipped cream.
Just a mixed fruit basket, dear! All sorts of goodies in there!

Question 4:You're out with a married friend who has children. She's trying to pick out a tasteful birthday present for her 8 year old son's friend's party. Being very helpful, what do you suggest?
The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Treasury
A paintball gun. Every little boy's dream!
One of the 99 cent Matchbox cars over there in the clearance bin- maybe two?
The biggest GI Joe playset you can find-- maybe he'll let you play too!
A stuffed animal.

Question 5:It's the weekend and you've got nothing scheduled. What do you do to relax?
Take a nap all afternoon so you can go out and party that night until dawn!
Start the process of getting shitfaced around 11 pm, with a grand finale planned when the friends arrive around 11 pm.
Go to sleep. For good. Until they MAKE you get out of bed.
Turn on the telly and watch it until it starts watching you.
Go outside and putter around your garden.

Question 6:What's your very favorite kind of cookie?
Chocolate chip.
Peanut Butter.
Oatmeal Rasin.
Cocoa Drops.
Snickerdoodle butter cookie.

Question 7:The neighbor's dog next door pesters you every day. He barks at you and tries to bite your pant leg. One day, you walk by wearing your nice new work pants. He bites your leg and tears them. What do you do?
Make plans to have a word with his owner tomorrow.
Feed him some ex-lax laced treats.
Make plans to dogsit for your best friend who owns a pit bull next week.
Forget the ex-lax. Feed the little bastard cyanide.
Go find his owner and bite THEIR leg.

Question 8:You have the munchies late one night while in the middle of a big project. What do you reach for?
Red licorice.
Order out for pizza.
That pan of brownies cooling on the stove.
a 64 oz of something caffeinated and Twinkies.
An apple.

Question 9:Which of these would best describe you?
Dominant. You take charge of things and NOBODY pushes you around.
Nice, but you draw the line somewhere.
Very easily intimidated. People tend to use you for things.
Very sweet and compassionate. You stop in the road for crossing frogs.
Cloyingly pleasant... but always plotting. Hey, they're up to something too!

Question 10:Which of these are you?
Silky smooth.

Question 11:Which of the food groups do you consume the most of?
Processed sugars and fats. *twitch* what other food groups are there?

Question 12:You drive:
An old clunker.
The newest, biggest SUV on the market.
A pick-up truck.
A nice import sedan.
Drive? I walk where I need to go!

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