What Cookie are you?
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What Cookie are you?

Cookies... mmm! We all know and love them well. But what are you--chocolately tempting, sugary and devine, or something else?

Question 1:First period at school; what do you wish you have/had?
Home Ec--make breakfast
Study Hall--finish the nap you started on the bus
Math--get it over with

Question 2:You have to read a book (yes, you). What do you choose?
Harry Potter--magic is awesome
How To Have a Successful Date--no explanation
The Diary of Anne Frank--expand your mind
Lord of the Rings--you saw the movie

Question 3:You're hanging out with a large group of friends. What are you doing?
Bowling. Yes, bowling.
Making them all fall in love with you
Hoping that tonight you'll get some
Hating them behind your Barbie smile

Question 4:A person that you're more than interested in begins to flirt with you. How do you react?
Play hard-to-get ; )
Ask him or her if she wants pancakes or waffles tomorrow morning.
Ask him or her to be your bowling partner
Follow the rules--let's see, bat eyelashes, giggle, smile, agree with everything he or she says

Question 5:Your parents guilt you in to going to the family reunion/pot luck. What do you bring?
Candy!--for the kids
A can of tuna--someone will find something to do with it
Jello and CoolWhip--you're sick of Bean Casserole
Bean Casserole--you won't eat it, but maybe they will...

Question 6:Oh, ####! It's time to work on that project you were supposed to be doing this whole month. It's due tomorrow! How do you cope?
Uh...cough...I can't come in today. Cough.
Eh, you'll get an extension. If not, it'll only be a bit late.
What are you talking about? It's been done for a week.
Project?! Tomorrow?! Get the coffee, bring the sugar, you're going to pull an all-nighter.

Question 7:Remember that person that you're really in to? Well, he or she can't stand you. They hate you. They hate you AND they hate bowling.
Something's going to burn
There are more fish in the sea
No one who hates bowling is worthwhile
Who, him/her? I moved on, like, two minutes ago!

Question 8:Yeah, well, your love interest is more interested in your uninteresting best friend.
Good for my friend!
Hah! What friend?
You know, they SAY three's a crowd, but...
My best friend is too busy bowling with me to go dating.

Question 9:Church time. Finish this sentence: Let us bow are heads and...
Stop giggling long enough to show the proper respect
Fall asleep
Unzip our pants and...
Pray that you'll be forgiven for setting that fire

Question 10:Your crush is really into video games (what a geek). What do you agree to play with him/her?
Super Smash Brothers--show your virtual prowess
Video games? You don't have time for video games, you're too busy...
Pong. They didn't have Bowling for Nintendo.
Mario Kart--a little competition, a little fun

Question 11:Mom wants to go shopping with you. Your crush asked you to go to the mall at the same time. Uh-oh...
Ditch Mom
You can juggle. Be with them both.
Get money from Mom and say you'll buy what you need while with your crush
Go somewhere else with Mom

Question 12:You have some alone time (finally! After all that school, the friends, the family...). What are you doing?
Chatting online or on the phone
Doing homework
Reading a cheesy romance novel

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