What kind of cookie are you?
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What kind of cookie are you?

So everyone loves cookies, there's no mistaking that, but which one are you? Take this awesome quiz and see which cookie your own personality, style, and interests match you up to!

Question 1:It's the first day of school--your chance to get a fresh start for the new year. What do you wear?
A black leather mini skirt with rainbow tube socks--you love to rock the boat.
A soft cotton shirt and your favorite jeans--nothing out of the ordinary.
A floral collared shirt with khakis and a brown leather purse.
A brightly colored Adidas get up with flashy new sneakers.
Anything expensive and trendy--big name labels from the best of New York's 5th Avenue boutiques.

Question 2:Happy Birthday! Your family's taking you out to eat and you pick the place? Where's your favorite spot to dine.
Anything French, complete with delicacies, fine chocolates, cute waiters, and valet parking.
Chuckie Cheese's. So what if it's filled with the screaming kids! The music's loud and fun, and their pizza is outta this world.
Yami's Sushi Bar. There's awesome stuff in there, and you should always try everything once!
Spinelli's--it's a nice, quiet little Italian restaurant filled with candle light.
The cozy diner down the street. The food's warm, filling, and there's something that everyone will like.

Question 3:You walk into your favorite candle shop and you can only buy one scent. Which do you choose?
Toasted Marshmallow
Country Apple Pie

Question 4:It's time to redecorate your bedroom and your parents are feeling nice enough to let you use any color. What do you go with?
I have to pick one color? How 'bout a couple different ones, or a mural for that matter?
Orange, yellow, or red--something that stands out and reflects my spunky personality.
Purple--it reminds me of royalty.
Blue--it's calming, basic, and goes with everything.

Question 5:Ok, it's report card time and your calculus grade isn't exactly up to paar. How do you break the news to mom and dad?
I don't. They have paper shredders for a reason.
I tell them when we're all around the dinner table and say I'm sorry.
I tell it to them straight as soon as I find out. It's one grade, not the end of the world, and it's not as if I got a bad grade in everything.
I would never be in that situation. My grades are always at a steady A or B.
I cry hysterically to both of them, as I explain that the teacher is unfair and completely out to get me.

Question 6:Provided that you had all the time in the world in the morning, what would your favorite breakfast choice be?
Fruity pebbles, Captain Crunch, or Frosted Flakes--anything sweet and sugary in a fun box!
Warm pancakes with syrup and butter
Chocolate cake all the way!
A strawberry danish and a creamy, mocha latte.
All-bran cereal, an apple, and an ice cold glass of orange juice

Question 7:All your friends are hanging out and you decide to play a board game. What is it gonna be?
Board games? Please...we'd be at the mall.
Ouija Board--with the lights off. Life is no fun without a little freaking out now and then!
Outburst. It's so funny!
Trivial Pursuit
Girl Talk. It brings back really fun memories.

Question 8:Everyone's got a favorite subject. What's yours?
Theater. I love to act and bring stories to life for an audience.
Cosmetology. Nothing is cooler than being up-to-date on current beauty styles.
Math. There's always a definite answer and I'll find it.
Ferensics--that C.S.I. stuff is sooo cool.
English. I can always get cozy with a good book.

Question 9:What's your bedtime?
I don't have a bedtime. I just hit the pillow when I'm tired and it feels right.
9 PM. I need a lot of sleep to be fresh for the next day.
Anytime I'm done talking to my best friends on the phone, and saying good night to the family. I love to fall asleep happy.
Whenever my parents say--usually early, especially on school nights.
Sleep, what's that? I'm usually chatting or listening to music far into the night.

Question 10:What's your ideal Christmas gift?
A soft, pastel sweater to keep me warm on snow days.
A bright yellow big bird stuffed animal to add to your collection. Those Sesame Street characters are so cute.
A laptop
A packet of gift certificates to Sephora, Saks, Bloomingdales...the works.
Tickets to any concert with booming speakers and pumped up crowds.

Question 11:You win plane tickets for you and 2 guests to fly anywhere? Where do you go?
Lego Land in Denmark. How cool is that? A town made out of legos!
Amsterdam--they have some kickin' parties and clubs!
A friendly ski lodge in Colorado.
New York City. I wouldn't miss the museum of Natural History or a UN tour.

Question 12:Time to buy a new pet. Which lovable animal do you want for your very own?
Mervin--a quiet, little goldfish.
Pets? Eeeew.
A furry bunny with one of those cute cotton tails....awww...
Iggy, the tropical Iguana
A cuddly yellow Labrador

Question 13:It's your day to splurge, so you go for a manicure. What polish do you choose?
Hot pink or lavender with flowers--anything fun.
Blue, green, and orange...not necessarily repeated in that order.
I'd definitely get silk wraps and a French manicure.
Red. It's pretty, classic, and feminine.
Clear polish.

Question 14:What's your favorite beverage?
Code Red
Fuji water with a twist of lemon
Kool Aid. You love that smiling pitcher on the packets!
Chocolate milk

Question 15:What would your ideal first home be like?
A country farmhouse, complete with a fireplace and soft rugs in every room
A modern Manhattan loft with lots of windows and an art studio.
A white, 2 story colonial in the suburbs
Either a Manhattan penthouse or luxurious Parisian apartment.
I don't know. I don't really think that far ahead. I'm just enjoying the place I'm in now.

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