What kind of dessert are you?

Question 1:If distance was no object, where would you eat dinner most often?
No particular preference, but the food has to be quality (ie, not Allegros)
Whoever delivers
Where-ever everyone else is eating - I'm easy
Fine, classy restaurant (ie, LT's, Melting Pot)
Sushi bar

Question 2:What do you usually wear to class?
Sweatpants, anything as long as it doesn't stink
Stylish sweater, jeans, sneakers
Perfectly matched outfit, down to the coat and gloves
Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers
Your own strange and unique combination that no one else on campus has dared to try yet

Question 3:Best date.
Elegant dinner, dancing, the works
Hike in the mountains, camping under the stars
Snuggling at home in front of a movie
It doesn't really matter, as long as we're together
Quick dinner, then Broadway show

Question 4:Where would you prefer to live?
The suburbs of a major city - close to the action, but not too close
Somewhere completely unexplored
I can get along anywhere
Suburbs or countryside
A major city with all the glamour and excitement

Question 5:You get most upset when
Someone insists you do something you don't want to
No one pays attention to you
You haven't had sex in a while
Someone says something mean to you
Your intelligence is insulted

Question 6:The first impression you usually give off is:
Firm but friendly
Hard to figure out
Innocent and uncomplicated
Warm, but shy

Question 7:How is your room decorated?
Everything is color-coordinated and planned out in advance
Nothing fancy but lots of things that remind me of home
Nothing but essentials
An eclectic blend of The Simpsons and work-out equipment
A few things hang on the walls, but everything else is essentials... and my toys of course

Question 8:If Snapple didn't exist, what would be your drink of choice?
Perrier or champagne
An alternative form of iced tea
Hot tea

Question 9:What would you do in Central Park?
Curl up under a tree and read/sleep/relax
Wander the paths on foot
Climb on the rocks like a little kid
Rollerblade through it
Carriage ride

Question 10:This is a gimme.
Huh? I'm confused.
Gimme gimme gimme!
I dunno what that means, but coolio

This Quiz has been designed by Erin.