What kind of drink are you?
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What kind of drink are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of drink you are? Well, now you can!

Question 1:What do you typically do on a Saturday?
Read a book
Go on a hike
Sit at home
Go out and party with friends!

Question 2:What do you usually listen to on the radio (out of the following)?
Talk Radio
Pop or Rock
Jazz or newage
Classical or alternative

Question 3:What is your favorite color (out of the following)?
Green or Brown
Yellow, Pink, Orange, or Blue
Black or Grey

Question 4:What is your favorite animal?

Question 5:What do you usually wear on a daily basis?
Business attire
Comfortable (sweats and a shirt)
Brand names (Lucky, Roxy, Abercrombie, etc.)
Jeans and a tee shirt

Question 6:What kind of shoes do you wear?
Slippers or nothing (barefoot)
Flip-flops or skater shoes
Hiking boots or sandals
High heals or loafers

Question 7:What is your favorite type of food?
Salads or pasta
Fast food!
Ice cream, candy, or pizza

Question 8:What color hair do you have?
Blonde or red!
Grey or dirty blonde

Question 9:What is the best season?

Question 10:What kind of car do you/would you drive?
A truck or SUV
Jeep or new beetle
Anything to save the environment (i.e. electric)

This Quiz has been designed by Candace and Jessica.